Boston Motorcycle Helmets Laws

In Boston, motorcycle helmet laws are that motorcyclists are not required to wear one. However, it is strongly advised to wear a helmet when riding a motorcycle. When someone is on a motorcycle, nothing is protecting their head if they get in an accident. The injuries sustained by people not wearing helmets are typically much more serious than when someone is wearing a helmet. Wearing a helmet is not a law, it is essential for one’s safety because a brain injury could be traumatic and have permanent effects.

To learn more about the laws regarding motorcycle helmets in Boston, reach out to an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer today.

U.S. Department of Transportation and State Standards for Motorcycle Helmets

The U.S. Department of Transportation and state standards for motorcycle helmets mirror each other. According to the law, a Boston motorcycle helmet has to be of a certain quality. It has to protect the motorcyclist from certain strength of impact in the sense that when their head hits the pavement or another car, the helmet is able to withstand a certain amount of force and impact. While the federal regulations lead the way, the state ones are written in step.

How Helmets Can Protect Motorcyclists

Wearing a helmet can protect riders in an accident from traumatic brain injuries. A helmet could also serve as a way to blunt the rest of the impact. When a motorcyclist is wearing a helmet and is hit by another vehicle, they are going to have the benefit of having an object that absorbs some of the impact. There are rules and regulations that dictate the quality of the helmet in terms of what type of force and what level of force it must withstand.

Usually, a helmet is the most important piece of safety equipment that someone could wear. A helmet it is going to:

  • protect their vital organs, including their brain
  • absorb the impact better than any protective gear worn on any other part of their body

Clothing, like a jacket, is not going to afford the same protections as a helmet.

Type of Engine Could Determine Helmet Requirements

The type of engine might determine different requirements and Boston motorcycle helmet laws. A motorcycle with a small engine is not going to require the rider to wear a helmet. If they have a motorcycle with an engine above a certain level of cubic centimeters, the law says they should wear a helmet.

Under Boston law, the kinds of bikes that are commonly excluded from stricter helmet requirements include a scooter, which is 50 cc’s and below does not have a helmet requirement at all. A motorcycle that is 50 cc’s or above would have a helmet requirement.

It is important to understand that wearing a helmet will not impact liability in a motorcycle case. A seasoned attorney could help a motorcyclist still recover compensation even if they were not wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. Call an attorney to learn more about motorcycle helmet laws in Boston.