Boston Car Accident Lawyer

There are more than three million drivers in the greater Boston metropolitan area, which means that car accidents are unfortunately inevitable. In some cases, car accidents can result in serious injury, massive property damage, and even death.

If a car crash leaves you injured, it is imperative that you contact a Boston car accident lawyer as soon as possible for help navigating the legal system. If retained in time, a qualified personal injury attorney could fight for proper compensation for your injuries on your behalf.

Modified Comparative Negligence

Massachusetts is a modified comparative negligence state. Essentially, this means that an injured person in Boston must be less than half at-fault for their injuries in order to have a valid claim that will stand up in court.

If the plaintiff in a car accident case is equally as responsible—or more responsible—for the accident as the opposing party, they will be unable to recover compensation for any resulting injuries. In common-sense terms, a person cannot sue someone else for injuries that they are actually responsible for themselves.

When deciding the best legal options, a seasoned car accident lawyer in Boston could advise people on whether or not their claim will hold up to this modified comparative negligence system.

Statute of Limitations in Car Accident Cases

Victims of a car accident in Boston have a similar statute of limitations as victims of other personal injury claims. In Massachusetts, an injured person must file a claim within three years of the date of the car accident that resulted in their injury, or they risk losing the ability to recover compensation for their damages from the responsible party.

One exception is if the victim is a minor. In that case, the three-year statute of limitations starts when they turn 18. This means that injured minors can file a claim for damages at any point before their 21st birthday.

Types of Damages Possibly Available

Car accident claims can involve several kinds of damages depending on the circumstances. Economic damages are more objective and come with price tags already attached. These can include lost wages as a result of the injury as well as both current and future medical bills.

Non-economic damages are more intangible in nature. They include qualitative losses like the injured person’s pain and suffering, a loss of enjoyment in life, inability to do fun activities they used to enjoy, and loss of consortium with a spouse.

Finally, in certain cases, the court may implement punitive damages as well, which is extra compensation paid to the injured person by the responsible party as a form of punishment for extreme negligence. A Boston car accident lawyer could help an individual recover the damages that they deserve.

How a Boston Car Accident Attorney Could Help

If you were in a car wreck recently, you may be entitled to serious compensation if someone else caused the crash. Contacting a knowledgeable Boston car accident lawyer may be the best way to properly navigate the often complex legal system and ensure that your rights and interests are protected

Rather than trying to do everything by yourself, having an experienced attorney on your team could result in much better settlement packages and much higher compensation awarded by the court, giving you the boost you need to get the best possible outcome for your claim. To start exploring your options, call today.

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