Biggest Mistakes to Avoid Following a Car Accident in Boston

Some of the biggest mistakes to avoid following a car accident in Boston revolve around issuing statements without conferring with legal counsel or failing to follow appropriate medical care and treatment measures after the incident. These types of mistakes could cost a person an unnecessary and large amount of money, time, and pain.

If you were injured in a car accident, consult with a committed car accident lawyer. They could review the factors that may have contributed to your accident and potentially help develop a communication strategy to clearly articulate how the negligent actions of the other driver caused your injuries. Additionally, an attorney who is knowledgeable about car collisions could research different legal solutions that may be effective for your case. Schedule an appointment to begin discussing your potential options.

Admitting Fault at the Scene

Admitting fault at the accident scene can hurt an injured person’s case because they could be perceived as clearly liable. A lot of people are unaware of the exact rules of the roadway and may prematurely admit fault before fully understanding the different factors that could have contributed to their collision.

If a person is not clearly at fault, they typically will want to protect their interests and rights. A common way of doing so is to exchange info with the other drivers involved. However, a person may want to avoid giving them too much information. An attorney generally will try to control all of that information for the injured individual to avoid potential issues.

Risks of Apologizing

Apologizing at an accident scene is risky. While a person simply may be trying to be polite, other parties at the scene could make an assumption that the apologizing individual is admitting fault for the accident. In most cases, a person should stay away from having many conversations with the other parties involved. It is best to exchange accident information with the other people and call the proper authorities. A person’s statement despite how innocuous it might seem could easily be held against them. Following a crash, a person may substantially benefit from letting their attorney decide what information to share. Contact a seasoned lawyer to arrange an appointment and they could outline some of the biggest mistakes to avoid following a car accident in Boston.

Refusing Immediate Medical Treatment

Refusing immediate medical treatment after a crash is a serious mistake. Even if a person does not feel hurt, they generally should seek an immediate medical evaluation as soon as possible. In a minor accident, a person may feel fine afterward. However, they might not feel the full impact for a few hours, days, or even weeks. Severe injuries are not always immediately apparent and in some cases the adrenaline a person experiences could mask some of their symptoms. Failure to pursue immediate medical assistance is one of the biggest mistakes to avoid following a car accident in Boston and could complicate a person’s case.

Not Following a Doctor’s Orders

Not following a doctor’s orders can be a mistake in multiple ways. Failure to complete care directives could prevent a person from healing properly and efficiently from their injuries. Additionally, it could make it more difficult to prove the extent of their injuries were solely caused by the incident in question. An opposing party could claim that a person’s failure to follow medical care directives caused more harm than the initial injury. This could potentially reduce a person’s ability to maximize their recovery of damages.

Prioritizing medical care after an accident is not always easy. Every course of treatment is different and based on the specific injury. Completing outpatient medical care routines could be more difficult when a person does not have reminders from doctors or does not have medical staff caring for them. If someone loses a leg in an accident, they might not have any choice but to be in the hospital or rehab facility for a few months. In that setting, they would have consistent medical assistance and typically do not have an option to miss out on treatment.

The insurance company wants to see an individual follow through with all the treatment and get all the necessary medical documents. Regardless of how much pain they are in, a claimant typically has to fight through and complete their treatment. A lawyer could help advocate for them and argue for the maximum settlement or damages amount.

Contact an Attorney to Avoid Mistakes Following a Boston Car Accident

If you suffered an injury during a car collision, reach out to a dedicated car wreck lawyer. They could sit down with you and explain some of the biggest mistakes to avoid following a car accident in Boston. Meeting with an attorney could substantially improve a person’s chance for succeeding in court. Call today to learn more about the mistakes to avoid and how an attorney could help you.