Calculating Car Accident Settlements in Boston

Auto accidents commonly produce unexpected costs and injuries. Following a collision, a person may benefit from calculating car accident settlements in Bostonto help determine which course of legal action may be most advantageous. In many cases, both parties may prefer to settle a claim without proceeding to trial as it could save time and money. However, it is generally critical for a person considering a settlement to acquire sufficient information regarding an offer before accepting it.

Contact a knowledgeable car accident lawyer and they could help accurately calculate the damages that you may have suffered in an accident. It could be immensely important to argue for the coverage of medical bills and property damage during a settlement consideration. Calculating those base costs could provide a substantial starting point for negotiating further damages. Arrange for an appointment to further discuss potential ways of calculating damages for a settlement agreement.

How is a Settlement Calculated?

Agreeing upon a settlement amount can be difficult as each party may assign a value to car accident damages differently. This could cause conflicts and prolong a case as an injured person attempts to find a solution that is both fair and equitable. Typically, the damages that may be considered involve costs associated with both physical and mental injuries and property damage.

For example, a person could request compensation for medical bills, loss of income, loss of future earnings potential, pain and suffering, and damaged property. Obtaining medical records and other bills could help an injured person demonstrate the severity of the accident allegedly caused by the negligent parties. Ultimately, the person who suffered the injury and filed the claim determines the final decision to accept or reject the settlement, regardless of the lawyer’s advice or opinion. However, allowing an attorney who is skilled in calculating car accident settlements in Boston to explain the potential risks and benefits of an agreement could be beneficial.

Comparative Negligence

In some cases, an injured person may be accused of sharing fault in the accident that resulted in their injuries. Massachusetts typically adheres to a comparative negligence rule which stipulates that an injured person who is found to be 51 percent or more negligent may be disallowed from pursuing compensation. Additionally, an injured person who is eligible to pursue compensation may only collect the percentage of damages attributed to the defendant. For example, if the other party is 80 percent at fault, the claimant will only be allowed to collect 80 percent of the overall calculated damages. Furthermore, the rule of comparative negligence applies to most personal injury cases including both truck and car accidents in Boston.

Calculating a Boston Car Accident Settlements

If you suffered severe injuries and extensive property damage in a car accident, it could be prudent to speak with a seasoned car accident lawyer. They could assist in the complicated process of calculating car accident settlements in Boston. This may include reviewing the factors which may have contributed to the crash in order to help ensure that expenses such as damage to a person’s vehicle and medical care costs are addressed appropriately in a potential settlement agreement. Schedule a consultation with a legal representative who is committed to helping you achieve the best possible outcome.