Collecting Evidence for Boston Car Accident Litigation

To obtain compensation for a car collision in Boston, the victim of such an accident must become a plaintiff by filing a civil complaint and potentially taking their case to court in the end. Long before their case reaches that final step, though, the plaintiff must gather evidence depicting how the accident happened and how the accident affected their life.

Collecting evidence for Boston car accident litigation can begin as soon as an accident occurs and may last for many months afterward. A skilled car accident attorney could help gather evidence for your case wherever it can be found and restructure it into a powerful case for compensation.

The Importance of Contacting Police Immediately

Those involved in a car wreck should take immediate steps to protect their legal rights, and the first thing to do in this regard is to contact the police while still at the scene of the crash. The police are required to respond to any incident involving property damage or physical harm to one or more people involved. In the same vein, car accident victims are usually obligated under Massachusetts state law to contact the police if someone is injured.

Once on the scene, the responding police officer would author a report offering a third-party account of the accident. This can be an invaluable piece of evidence for any car accident case. All told, contacting the police can help protect your rights, get injured people the medical attention they need, and record the facts behind the incident.

Pictures or Video at the Scene

Those present at the scene of an accident have a unique opportunity to collect evidence. First-person accounts of the way cars come to rest after an accident, the weather conditions, and even the time of day cannot be easily recreated later on, so collecting this kind of evidence immediately is often critical.

After an accident, any involved parties who are able to do so should immediately take pictures or video of everything possible. This can include:

  • The damage to the vehicles involved
  • The presence of any traffic control devices such as stop signs or traffic lights
  • The weather at the time of the collision
  • The density of traffic

This evidence can be key to determining fault in an accident. If a defendant argues that they were under the speed limit at the time of the accident, a video showing slick roads due to snow or heavy traffic could serve as evidence that an even lower speed was appropriate considering the circumstances. A person interested in expanding their knowledge about collecting evidence for Boston car accident litigation should reach out to a seasoned auto collision attorney. They could examine the factors surrounding a person’s car accident and work to establish another driver’s negligence.

Obtain Contact Information for Witnesses

Boston and the surrounding communities are densely populated, which means there are usually witnesses who can provide third-party accounts of an accident. The police officer at the scene will typically talk to these witnesses concerning what happened. However, it may also benefit a plaintiff to obtain contact information for these individuals.

If it is necessary to take a case to court to collect compensation, an attorney may need to depose these witnesses to get an account of what they saw that day. Having a name and a phone number could help to ensure that the witnesses are available to give their account of events.

Collecting Evidence for Car Accident Litigation in Boston is Key to a Successful Claim

Every car accident case, whether it ends with litigation or a settlement, must begin with proper evidence collection. While an attorney could help with some advanced evidence collection such as accident reconstruction, other evidence can only be obtained at the scene of the incident. By contacting the local police, taking pictures and video, and identifying potential witnesses, you may be able to greatly bolster the strength of your claim.

This evidence could help you prove your case in and out of the courtroom and effectively pursue the compensation needed to make you whole again. Contact a qualified car accident lawyer today to learn more about collecting evidence for Boston car accident litigation.