Common Causes of Car Accidents in Boston

Car accidents happen for a number of reasons and each case is different. However, despite the circumstances of an accident, a person could experience severe injuries and property damage. As a result, a person who suffered injuries in a crash may greatly benefit from meeting with a compassionate car accident lawyer. An attorney could outline potential legal strategies geared to obtaining compensation. Financial assistance through a successful claim could help address costs associated with medical care and property damage. Schedule an appointment with a lawyer who is knowledgeable about the common causes of car accidents in Boston to begin developing a credible case.

Common Factors Contributing to Car Accidents

Accidents that take place in Boston can happen for so many reasons, but a prevalent reason is often that people forget to pay attention. They may be playing with the radio, eating food, and putting on makeup while attempting to operate a vehicle. As technology has advanced, cell phone and mobile device usage while driving has also become a huge issue. It may only take a split second for a severe accident to occur and a person’s livelihood could be shattered. To mitigate the risks surrounding a large portion of society engaging in texting and driving, some states have implemented legislation making such behavior unlawful. In some cases, accidents may occur but are not necessarily caused by an unlawful act. For example, if a person is caught driving in a snowstorm and the roads become icy, they could easily experience an accident.

Other common causes of car accidents in Boston may include, drunk driving, and traffic violations. Consider speaking with a dedicated car accident lawyer to discuss potential legal options following a collision. Regardless of the circumstances that led to an accident, reaching out to an attorney could substantially improve a person’s experience in court.

Ignoring a Traffic Signal

Failing to adhere to traffic signals could cause devastating accidents with severe injuries that may be costly to treat. Running red lights or running stop signs are considered traffic violations. When a person commits such a violation and causes an accident, they could be held liable in court. In many cases, the traffic violation may serve as a primary factor or proximate causation for the accident.

Operating at Night

When an accident happens at night, there generally is no real legal impact on the causation of the accident. The law typically does not prohibit night driving. However, when it is dark out a person’s eyes may struggle to adjust to the lack of lighting. This could potentially reduce a person’s reaction time. Additionally, a person may have a higher chance of encountering a drunk driver.

Driving While Intoxicated

When an accident is caused by a drunk driver, it can affect the case in a couple of ways. An intoxicated driver is not always at-fault when an accident occurs. For example, a person could be sitting in their car drinking on the side of the road and could be struck by a driver who was not paying attention. While the intoxicated person may not have been at fault, they may still face unwanted consequences. It could be harder for them to receive compensation or prove they did not contribute to the accident.


When an accident is a result of speeding, that will factor into the case and investigation. It may turn out that the speed of one of the vehicles was the primary cause of the accident or the sole cause of the accident. The question in such a case may be how speed affected the accident. For example, if a person was speeding and another driver took a left-hand turn in front of them, they could still be found at-fault. However, it is also important to note that speeding itself does not always convey fault for the accident, but may strongly affect a police investigation and the rationale behind how the accident might have occurred.

Driving in the Wrong Direction

If a vehicle is operating in the wrong direction down a one-way road and strikes another vehicle head-on, they generally will be found at fault. Driving the wrong way on any street typically will be considered a traffic violation. In some cases, a person does not willfully drive the wrong way. They could be following a GPS system that gives them an incorrect command or simply unfamiliar with the area. However and regardless of the reason, a person driving in the wrong direction could still be found at-fault for an accident.

Learn More About Common Causes of Boston Car Accidents

If you have been injured in a car wreck, contact an experienced car accident attorney. They could review the factors of your case and help determine the next course of action that could benefit your situation. Call today and schedule an appointment to discuss the common causes of car accidents in Boston.