Boston Drunk Driving Accident Lawyer

Drunk driving is illegal, but that does not always stop individuals from drinking and driving. The issue is, that when people drive drunk, they put their own lives at risk while also endangering other drivers. If someone is drinking and driving and they cause an accident, the accidents are often larger and more severe. This is because the person was driving so out of control that it led to a more intense collision than usual. Drunk driving accidents tend to have worse injuries, including broken bones, some severe bleeding, amputation, death, or paralysis. If you have been injured in a drunk driving accident, it is imperative that you consult a Boston drunk driving accident lawyer. Work with a skilled attorney that could fight for you.

Common Fact Patterns Associated with Drunk Driving Collisions

A drunk driving accident indicates, that one vehicle involved in the accident had someone behind the wheel who was impaired by drinking alcohol. Some cases involve people leaving bars, coming from parties, or even drinking in their car while they drive. Nowadays, some people get behind the wheel after smoking marijuana, which has now been legalized in Massachusetts. There are a lot of changes going on in terms of what substances can lead to someone driving and being incapacitated.

What Happens if the Injured Person Was Also the Drunk Driver?

If a person is involved in a drunk driving accident as the drunk driver, more likely than not, they are going to be the at-fault party. This would mean, no matter how badly injured they are, the accident is their fault. They should not have been behind the wheel, they took that risk with other people’s lives and with their own life and health, and they made a bad choice.

They would have no recovery and, in fact, anybody else involved in an accident with them, whether it was a passenger in their car, a pedestrian on the street that they might have hit because they went up on the sidewalk, or other vehicles, most likely, all of those people will make a claim against that driver for their injuries. In some cases, the car accident is not actually the fault of the drunk driver. Perhaps the drunk driver was rear-ended by someone who was texting. If that other driver is at fault, then they will not be able to sue the drunk driver for damages.

Potential Damages the Plaintiff Could Recover

When Boston drunk driving accident lawyers represent someone who has been victimized by a drunk driver, the type of damages that they seek are monetary. They may set up a claim with an insurance company that represents the drunk driver and will seek to get someone’s injuries compensated monetarily. The worse their injury, the more the monetary value. No matter what an individual’s injury is, the attorney’s job is to try to maximize their recovery. Additionally, they have an advantage when dealing with an insurance company who is representing someone who caused an accident as a result of drinking and driving because that insurance company knows that if the case ever had to go to a jury trial, the jury is going to frown upon the drunk driver. They could get penalized with a very bad result that way. This helps attorneys in these negotiations, as insurance companies are more willing to settle for larger lump-sums.

Involvement of the Injured Party in the Legal Process

A person who is injured in a drunk driving accident can be as involved as they want in their attorney’s process. Attorneys treat each individual differently and form a different type of relationship with each them. In most cases, clients tend to focus on their medical health while our office deals with all the other aspects of the case. Our job is to make it as easy as possible for the client and take care of everything we can. If the client wants to be involved, or if they want nothing to do with the process, they can be as involved in it as they want to be.

Does the Injured Party Have to Press Charges Against the Drunk Driver?

When a driver, a passenger, or anyone else is injured as the result of a drunk driver, personal injury attorneys represent them in a civil matter, meaning that the Boston drunk driving accident attorneys make a claim for them against the at-fault driver’s insurance company for their injuries, and we are looking for a monetary value settlement.

As far as the criminal aspect that the other party might be facing as the result of the drinking and driving, that does not have too much to do with our client. That is going to be brought by the local police departments and local courts. A person who drinks and drives will have two different issues to deal with. They will have a criminal proceeding as well as a civil suit in which a Boston drunk driving accident lawyer for the victim sues for damages. The victim certainly has a right to be involved in the criminal proceeding in terms of giving a victim impact statement, but they do not press criminal charges against the drunk driver.

Value of a Boston Drunk Driving Attorney

If you have been involved in a drunk driving accident, seek the services of a Boston drunk driving accident lawyer. The injuries sustained in a drunk driving accident could be quite severe, and you should not have to shoulder the cost of those injuries alone. A dedicated car accident attorney could fight diligently to ensure that the responsible party is held liable and that you receive the damages that you deserve.