Expert Witnesses in Boston Car Accident Cases

Proving fault and damages on your own in a car accident case can be an uphill battle. Fortunately, expert witnesses may be available to testify at trial on your behalf. Any individuals who have specialized knowledge, skills, education, or training about a particular topic can potentially serve as expert witnesses in a Boston car accident case. In addition to offering opinions about the accident case at hand, expert witnesses can also answer hypothetical questions based on their specialized knowledge and expertise. Contact a skilled car accident lawyer today and start discussing your potential legal options.

Accident Reconstructionists

In order to offer opinions in a car accident case, the court must first admit the expert. Prior to admission, the opposing attorney may question the proposed expert further about their credentials and expertise.

In car accident cases where fault or liability is disputed, an accident reconstructionist may be helpful. Accident reconstructionists are skilled at piecing together how an accident occurred, as well as identifying who likely caused the accident. Based on their analysis and expertise, they may offer an opinion about any of the following factors in a car crash:

  • The approximate speeds of the involved vehicles
  • The directions of the involved vehicles
  • The momentum of the vehicles—specifically, whether the impact was heavy, medium, or light
  • The lanes of travel for each of the involved vehicles

Medical Providers

Medical providers can also be potential expert witnesses in Boston car accident cases and can be extremely helpful when it comes to causal connection. For example, a medical expert may testify that a car accident—as opposed to preexisting conditions or degenerative changes—specifically caused the accident victim’s injuries.

A medical expert can also testify about whether an accident victim’s medical treatment and costs were reasonable under the circumstances, as well as the likelihood, necessity, and costs of future medical treatment, including injections or surgeries. Finally, they can render a medical opinion as to the permanency of an injury. It should be noted, however, that medical experts generally express their opinions to a “reasonable degree of medical probability.”


In some car accident cases, accident victims must miss time from work to recuperate from their injuries and/or attend medical and physical therapy appointments. This may be especially true if the accident victim’s job is physically demanding.

In addition to past lost wages, the accident victim may need to miss time from work in the future, depending upon their individual circumstances. Calculating the lost wages for this missed work time can be difficult, particularly if the worker has an unusual work schedule or does not receive payment on a regular basis or on a consistent amount.

Economists use all the information available to estimate an accident victim’s past and future lost wages. Following that, they can help attorneys, judges, and juries understand the total cost of the injuries associated with a car accident.

Find Out More about Expert Witnesses in Boston Car Accident Cases

An expert witness can be an invaluable asset when it comes to proving fault and damages after a car accident. A credible expert can help maximize the monetary value of your case and increase the likelihood of your success at trial.

A skilled lawyer could go into further detail about the importance of expert witnesses in Boston car accident cases and help you select the appropriate person to serve as your expert. Call today to set up a consultation and further discuss your unique situation.