Liability in Boston Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather

Establishing liability in Boston car accidents involving bad weather can be difficult, however, a seasoned car crash attorney has experience assigning fault. If you have been injured in a car wreck involving bad weather, reach out to a well-established lawyer right away. The sooner an attorney is contacted, the sooner they can begin assisting you with your recovery. Call today to schedule a consultation.

Recovering Damages in a Dangerous Weather Accident

When someone is involved in an accident that was caused by someone driving erratically in the weather, their attorney will work tirelessly to show that the other car involved was at fault for the accident. Once the lawyer has assigned liability in Boston car accidents involving bad weather, the attorney works with the injured individual to ensure that they receive the necessary medical treatment and their bills are forwarded to the insurance company. The lawyer will then put together a demand package and will provide the at-fault driver’s insurance company with a description of how the accident negatively impacted the plaintiff’s life, what their injuries are, and how the wreck financially affected them. A skilled car collision lawyer knows how to negotiate with the insurance company to make sure that an individual is able to recover the damages that they deserve to following a wreck.

How Bad Weather Can Impact Fault

Weather largely does not affect whether or not a person is at fault for an accident. An individual is expected to know the conditions of the road before deciding to drive. If a person rear-ends another car, slipping on black ice will not absolve them of fault. The weather can certainly increase someone’s chances of being in an accident but, in terms of liability, weather cannot be used as an excuse. If a person is going to drive in bad weather conditions, they are expected to drive carefully and proceed with caution. And if the weather causes a person to crash, the driver is at fault. The weather may have contributed to the driver losing control of the vehicle, but the court will not blame the weather for the accident.

Comparative Negligence

Massachusetts is a comparative negligence state, which means a person is who is more than 50 percent at fault for an accident cannot recover damages. A plaintiff’s lawyer will work hard to reduce the amount of fault attributed to the injured individual. Attorneys may use evidence of safe driving techniques to argue that an accident would not have occurred if not for unforeseen weather conditions, but unfortunately, it is not a good argument in court. This is a major reason why people should contact an accomplished lawyer who is experienced assigning liability in Boston car accidents involving bad weather.

Evidence in Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather

Investigations involving weather-related car accidents are very similar to those of any other car accident. In all car wrecks, the attorney will look at the scene, see if there are any skid marks, look at where the cars ended up in relation to the impact, check the weather conditions, and see if there are any witnesses available. When attempting to assign liability, the lawyer will look at all factors of the case. For more information about establishing liability in Boston car accidents involving bad weather, contact a dedicated attorney.