Boston Personal Injury Protection Coverage

When preparing an injury claim, one topic that may be brought up is the Boston personal injury protection coverage, otherwise known as PIP coverage. This type of coverage protects drivers from paying out money in order to cover their medical bills. However, when brought up in the spectrum of an injury case, the case could become much more complex than anticipated. If you wish to know more about the functionality of PIP coverage, contact a knowledgeable car collision attorney today.

Understanding PIP Coverage in Boston

In Boston, personal injury protection is commonly referred to as PIP. PIP is a Massachusetts state law which says that if a person has a car, it must be registered and insured. The insurance coverage may come with up to $8,000 in PIP benefits. This means that if someone is involved in a car accident, they would have up to $8,000 in PIP benefits to pay their medical bills.

Personal injury protection is a portion of a person’s own insurance policy. If there is another car involved, and that driver is at fault, the driver’s insurance company may reimburse the victim’s insurance company for anything the victim pays out. An experienced attorney could provide people with additional information regarding the purpose of PIP coverage in Boston.

Alternatives to Personal Injury Protection

A person could choose to waive their Boston personal injury protection coverage. Instead, drivers could choose the PIP deductible. However, this is not recommended. Attorneys suggest that drivers who have opted for this coverage should change it right away.

One of the main benefits of a PIP deductible as opposed to PIP coverage is that the monthly rate of a person’s car insurance is lower than it would be had the driver chosen to pay for PIP coverage. However, if the driver was caught in an accident, the PIP deductible would only cover the driver and not any passengers in the car.

Additionally, if a health insurance provider sees that a driver has a PIP deductible, they may choose to waive the deductible and not provide the injured driver with benefits until after they have met their PIP benefits. For example, if a driver’s PIP benefits are $2,000, their medical coverage may not kick in until after the $2,000 limit has been met.

Call to Learn More About Boston PIP Coverage

PIP coverage is one of the more complex cases to deal with, however, Boston accident attorneys have dealt with numerous related cases before. A lawyer could provide you with valuable insight when trying to understand what PIP coverage is and how it is beneficial to have. It is also important to note that attorneys highly recommend against taking a PIP deductible in an effort to save money. Some drivers do not fully comprehend the difference between a PIP deductible and PIP coverage, making a potential injury case much more complicated.

Boston personal injury protection coverage issues may arise in countless accident cases, however, with the help of an experienced attorney, you may be able to navigate through any potential legal setbacks. If you wish to know more about PIP coverage and how it can impact not only your overall coverage but a potential injury claim as well, set up an appointment with a lawyer today.