Boston Rental Car Accident Lawyer

Following an automobile accident, it is essential that you know which proper steps to take in order for you to get the recovery you need. After a wreck with a rental car, you may be faced with different obstacles than you normally would if you were involved in a wreck with a vehicle that was owned by the driver. Therefore, if you have been injured in a rental car collision, it is important that you seek the services of a Boston rental car accident lawyer. Let a seasoned car wreck attorney help you recover the damages that you deserve following your accident.

Defining a Rental Car

A rental car is when someone rents a car by signing a contract and paying money to use the car for a specific period of time. Renting a car means that the person does not own it or lease it, therefore, they are not in full possession of the vehicle. Most of the typical rental car companies are Enterprise, Heartz, or Alco. And today, there are many different rental car options for drivers.

Insurance Coverage for Rental Cars in Boston

The insurance coverage differs between a regular car wreck and a rental car accident because when someone is in a rental car, two insurance policies can apply. If the driver does not own their own vehicle and they rent a car, they will be forced to take out the insurance offered to them by the rental car company because they cannot drive without insurance.

If they have their own vehicle and they are in a rental car, oftentimes their own vehicle will cover any accidents or instances within an accident in a rental car. Ultimately, there are a couple different options of where the rental coverage will come from, but by law in Boston, there is insurance coverage on every rental car. For more information about how insurance coverage impacts a rental car wreck, reach out to a Boston rental car accident lawyer.

Common Injuries Seen in Rental Car Collisions

Rental car accidents include minor injuries and catastrophic injuries as well. Some of the common types of minor injuries are soft tissue injuries. With these injuries, there are no broken bones, permanent injuries, disfigurement, or scarring. These injuries are not severe enough to show up on an X-ray, however, they can still cause a great deal of pain for the victim.

In rental car wrecks, it is not uncommon to see very serious and devastating injuries. The impact of the crash could cause one to become paralyzed or lose a limb. Rental car collisions can also be fatal. If an individual has passed away in a rental car wreck due to the negligent actions of another driver, then the family could file a wrongful death claim.

How a Boston Rental Car Accident Lawyer Could Help

A Boston rental car accident lawyer has the experience and knowledge to help you get the recovery you need following a wreck. After reviewing your case, the attorney could gather evidence, talk to the insurance companies, and negotiate a fair and rightful claim for you. If you have been injured in a collision, call rental car accident attorney in Boston today. Do not talk to the insurance company before discussing your case with a compassionate and accomplished lawyer.