How the Statute of Limitations Can Vary for Boston Car Accidents

For injury cases in Boston, the statute of limitations is three years. This means that if a claim is not filed within three years of the date of an accident, the court may choose to deny a victim’s claim. Even with the help of a lawyer, it could prove difficult to file a claim outside of the statute of limitations. However, there are exceptions in which the statute may change. For more insight on how the statute of limitations can vary for Boston car accidents, get in touch with a credible injury attorney today.

Statute of Limitations for Minors

The statute of limitations may differ for someone who is under the age of 18. For example, if a victim was involved in a car accident and waited six years to file a claim, their claim could still be heard by a court. This is because the statute of limitations does not come into effect until the victim becomes an adult. However, if a victim were to wait three more years after turning 18, then the claim may be denied.

Filing a Claim Against the Government

When victims are dealing with a government agency, there may be special regulations in place where a victim would have to file a claim within a specified amount of time. It is important for victims to get in touch with an attorney in order to find out how the statute of limitations can vary for Boston car accidents where a government entity may be liable. A lawyer could inform an injured individual on the right way to go about processing a claim and provide them with guidance every step of the way.

Importance of Contacting an Attorney Right Away

If a person finds themselves the victim of a personal injury, it is essential to get in touch with an attorney right away. By calling a legal counselor early on in an injury case, victims need not worry about a time limit for filing a claim. An attorney could ensure that a person’s claim is processed in a time-effective manner and provide victims with updates regarding their injury claim.

How a Boston Lawyer Could Help One File a Claim Within the Statute of Limitations

One of the main benefits of working with an attorney is that they can not only sit with you to go over the details of your case, but also help you calculate the damages you are owed. If you also require assistance collecting evidence, a Boston lawyer could undertake this responsibility while you recover from any injuries you might have.

The sooner a person is able to schedule a consultation with an attorney, the better it may be for your case. Additionally, victims who decide to get in touch with an attorney immediately following an accident could avoid having their claim fall outside of the statute of limitations. If a claim falls outside of this statute, it could become considerably difficult to file an injury claim for compensation. There are instances, however, where this time limit to file a claim can change. A lawyer could expand more on how the statute of limitations can vary for Boston car accidents during your initial consultation. Schedule an appointment today and begin reaping the benefits of having a professional injury attorney on your side.