Boston Teen Driver Accident Lawyer

In Boston, a person eligible to start driving at the age of 16. However, before they can drive they have to go through the proper class and testing at the age of 15. If everything has been completed correctly and they pass their driver’s test at age 16, they are then licensed to drive in the Commonwealth in Massachusetts and in the neighborhood in the areas of Boston. Since teenagers are novice drivers, it is important that they pay very close attention to the rules of the road and stay aware of their surroundings while they are driving. This is to protect themselves and others from accidents. Unfortunately, teen drivers are the most likely demographic to be involved in an accident. If your teen has been injured in a wreck, reach out to a dedicated Boston teen driver accident lawyer. An experienced car collision attorney could help you recover after the incident.

Teen Driving Laws Impact on Insurance Claims

Boston teen accidents and the effect on insurance claims can be assessed in a couple different ways. If a teen in Boston is involved in an accident, it is very important that a lawyer determines who is at fault for the accident. If it is determined that the teen is not at fault for the accident, then the Boston teen driver accident lawyer could file a claim against the negligent party. Also, the lawyer could ensure that the individual is getting the proper medical attention and that the insurance company is not taking advantage of them. Focusing on the health of the teenager is most important. The lawyer will work with the insurance company to settle a claim.

The other end of the spectrum would be if a teen causes an accident in Boston. In this case, they would be at fault and the insurance company would still be involved. Unfortunately, it would be very hard for the attorney to assist the individual. A lawyer could still explain how the accident happened and try to put the teenager in the best light, but ultimately, the teenager will not be able to recover damages. They will be surcharged by their insurance company, which means their insurance rates will go up because they caused an accident and their company is losing money as a result.

How Car Accident Cases Involving a Minor are Different than Other Wrecks

A car accident case plays out differently when the driver is under 18 because the person is a minor. In the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, a lawyer cannot represent a minor. Right off the bat, a lawyer needs an adult present who has the authority to sign on behalf of the minor. A parent or guardian needs to be present to sign for them and acknowledge the contract.

Other than that, the claim process works the same way regardless of age. The Boston teen driver accident lawyer will establish liability and make sure the other party is at fault. An accomplished attorney will protect a minor the same way they would for an adult plaintiff. They will fight the insurance company for them and help them get them at lump sum financial settlement.

Contacting a Boston Teen Driver Accident Lawyer

When a teenage driver has been involved in an accident, families should find a well-established lawyer right away. The family should look for an attorney that they trust and feel comfortable with.

Parents should feel confident that when they talk to a reputable lawyer, they are going to get solid representation for their teenage child, which is the most important thing. Going through an accident claim is a stressful process. A person may feel like their life has just been turned upside down. Therefore, it is important that they seek the services of a skilled Boston teen driver accident lawyer.