Time Frame of a Boston Car Accident Settlement

When considering a settlement as a legal option, an injured person generally wants to know the value of their case as well as the length of time it could involve. However, the time frame of a Boston car accident settlement often varies from case to case. Settlements are frequently disputed as each party may have a different definition of fairness. Furthermore, each party generally has different objectives when approaching a settlement agreement. In many instances, the terms of one document may not satisfy every party’s goals.

A dedicated car accident lawyer could review the aspects of your collision and work towards finding an effective legal solution that meets your needs. While a settlement may seem to be a faster resolution to a legal dispute than a trial, it could be helpful to keep in mind that timing in each case is different. Schedule a legal consultation before accepting or rejecting a settlement offer.

Breaking Down the Settlement Process

The settlement process in Boston could start at any time. It could occur while a trial is underway or before a trial even begins. In many cases, a settlement process begins when an injured person reaches a certain point in their recovery or have completely recovered. However, some extensive injuries could prevent a person from fully recovering and may result in a permanent disability. When negotiating a settlement, it could be significantly important to consider the extent of the injury and the level of care that could be required to treat an injured person.

When an injured person and their attorney decide to offer a settlement agreement, they may create a demand package to be sent to whoever is representing the at-fault party. The demand package basically outlines the facts of the accident that led to the claimant’s injuries.

Specifically, the demand package may:

  • Identify the type of accident
  • Show where the accident happened
  • State what happened in the accident
  • List the injuries that occurred
  • Explain how such injuries affected the claimant’s life

Statements made in the demand package are often informed by medical records, medical bills, police reports and potentially an expert witness. The defense typically will evaluate the statements in the demand package and make a counter-demand. This part of the settlement process could occur multiple times as each side may have different stipulations they want to be honored in the final agreement.

Expediting the Settlement Process

The process may be expedited in a few different ways. An injured person could begin to pursue a settlement before finishing treatment. This could be helpful when someone has an injury that is worth a certain amount of dollars, but only a set amount of compensation may be available. The longer the case takes, the more expenses may be incurred which could eventually exceed the amount of compensation available. To avoid such a predicament, a person may enter into a settlement agreement.

There are also situations when an injured person may need compensation more immediately and attempt to use a settlement as a means of cutting their case short. To receive maximum value, an injured person may want to be careful rushing through a settlement process before treatment is completed. In some cases, an injured person may believe that their damages were a certain amount but in the end, the real expenses could exceed those initial calculations.

Potential Settlement Issues

When negotiating a settlement on behalf of an injured person, there generally are numerous issues that become part of each case and negotiation attempt. Liability and value are two of the largest issues that may arise. There is often strong disagreement between the claimant and defending parties when it comes to negotiating a settlement of fair value. An insurance company may contest that it is 100 percent at fault. Additional arguments may revolve around how much an injury and treatment for it could be worth. Generally, the longer each party disputes the terms of a potential settlement agreement, the longer the time frame of a Boston car accident settlement case.

Analyzing the Timing of a Car Accident Settlement in Boston with a Lawyer

Contact a steadfast car accident attorney who could help explain the time frame of a Boston car accident settlement. While pursuing fair compensation is one of the largest objectives of a settlement case, there are many different considerations a person may want to be aware of before accepting or rejecting an offer. Schedule a legal consultation to discuss how the time frame of a car accident settlement could affect your potential compensation options.