Life Following a Spinal Cord Injury in Boston

Spinal cord injuries are known to be one of the more serious injuries a person could suffer. Not only would victims be burdened with expensive medical costs for treatment and rehabilitation, but they would also have to change their lifestyle in order to accommodate their injuries. In addition, family members may also be impacted since they may have to help with a victim’s recovery process. To learn more about life following a spinal cord injury in Boston, schedule a consultation today.

Life for a Victim Following a Spinal Cord Injury

Depending on the type of spinal cord injury, a person could have their life significantly impacted by their injury. If a person suffers an injury that is not completely debilitating and does not cause paralysis, they may be able to fully heal their injury. However, if the spinal cord becomes severed or there is a more substantial spinal cord injury that leads to paralysis or any cognitive deficiencies, they may never be able to fully heal. It is up to doctors to discover the severity of the accident and its impact on the spinal cord, and it is up to a lawyer to prove it and show in a compensation claim. how the injury would negatively impact a person’s life.

Impact on a Person’s Family

If a person suffers a serious spinal cord injury that results in either cognitive deficiencies or paralysis, their family would have to change their expectations of the victim in regards to what they can and cannot do. For example, when doing any kind of outdoor activities, reasonable accommodations would need to be made at most places they go to, such as a restaurant, hotel, amusement park, or other location.

It is up to a lawyer to make sure that the impact on both the person’s life and the family is accurately described in an injury claim. A Boston attorney would attempt to seek compensation for the family and the injured person.

Could a Person’s Family be Entitled to Damages in Boston?

A family member could be entitled to damages in the form of loss of consortium. However, their claim for damages would not be included in the days, months, or years following a spinal cord injury. This would be a separate entitlement and action. When they get injured, they get compensated for the cost of lifetime care. A loss of consortium claim is common in claims involving married couples where one person becomes incapacitated in a way that results in them being unable to enjoy each other’s company.

A loss of consortium claim extends to all family members, be it a father who can no longer enjoy the companionship of his son who suffered a spinal cord injury or any other family member being unable to enjoy the injured person’s society and companionship. This is a nuanced claim to make for a family member and is something that requires the assistance of an experienced attorney. The value of this type of loss can be great, such as when a young child becomes paralyzed and their family members will no longer be able to look forward to certain activities, such as watching their child play a sport. Family members are encouraged to schedule a consultation for more information regarding their legal options.

Role of an Attorney in a Spinal Cord Injury Case

The role of a Boston attorney in a catastrophic injury case is to get as much money as possible for the victim and their family. They would try to make sure that they are fully compensated for their injuries and that their family also gets compensated for their damages. A lawyer’s main goal is to get a person set up on a lifetime plan to put them in a position to live their life after their injury in the best way possible. To get started on this claim, reach out to a trusted attorney today for help.