Settlements vs. Court in Boston Dog Bite Claims

After sustaining a dog bite, you may be debating whether to accept a settlement or go to court. However, these decisions should not be made without consulting with a seasoned attorney who has dealt with dog bite claims before. A lawyer could help you determine an estimate for the damages you should be compensated for. For help with discovering this value or simply looking for legal advice, schedule a consultation to go over the details of settlements vs. court in Boston dog bite claims.

Factors that Determine Whether to Go to Court

One of the more important factors to take into account when determining whether to take a civil case to court is the value of the case. In Massachusetts, dog bites fall under strict liability. This means that for dog bite cases, there is no need to determine liability.

Another factor to examine is the injuries sustained. An attorney may look at the viciousness of the attack, the seriousness of the bite, and how expensive the medical expenses were. An attorney could also look at any scarring or permanent disfigurement as a result of the bite.

Risks Associated with Taking a Case to Trial

Victims could choose to take a case to court if a settlement agreement cannot be made. If the settlement amount that was offered is not enough, the victim may want to take a case to court. However, one of the risks associated with this decision is being awarded a low compensation amount. Once the compensation award is determined by the court, it could prove to be difficult to try to get a different amount.

Impact of Severity of Injuries

The more severe the injuries are, the more valuable a case could be. Insurance companies are also more likely to award an adequate compensation amount if the injury results in permanent disfigurement. Insurance companies are also known to try to avoid a trial whenever possible. This could result in insurance companies offering a settlement amount that is worthy of acceptance. However, if the injuries are so severe that the damages owed are far more than what the insurance company is ready to pay, the case could go to trial.

When to Accept a Settlement Offer

Victims should only accept a settlement amount if the value offered by the defendant is worth the damages owed. However, victims should not accept a settlement until after consulting with an attorney. A lawyer could calculate the damages sustained in order to find out what should be owed. Insurance companies may sometimes try to offer an amount that is lower than what is estimated. If that is the case, an attorney could begin preparing a case for court. To learn more about settlements vs. court in Boston dog bite claims, contact a seasoned lawyer today.

Call an Attorney About Settlements Vs. Court in Boston Dog Bite Claims

One of the main benefits of getting in touch with an attorney is that they can help you estimate the worth of your case. An attorney can review the details of your case and calculate a fairly accurate amount you should be compensated for. This information is incredibly valuable when debating settlements vs. court in Boston dog bite claims. For help with calculating the damages you may be owed, or for legal guidance, get in touch with a seasoned lawyer today.