Factors Impacting a Boston Dog Bite Claim

One of the most important factors that can impact a dog bite claim in Boston is the monetized worth of a case. If the injury is serious, the worth of a case could be high. If it can also be proven that the dog has bitten someone before, the victim may be eligible to receive more money. This is not guaranteed by law, however, but it may be worth mentioning in court. For help with identifying factors impacting a Boston dog bite claim, get in touch with a seasoned attorney. A consultation with a lawyer could be beneficial to your case.

What Factors can Negatively Impact a Dog Bite Claim?

One of the most common factors that can negatively impact a claim is antagonizing a dog. In some cases, people may have been abusing or teasing a dog or an animal on purpose. Victims found to have antagonzied an animal may find it difficult to receive compensation for their injuries.

Another negative factor which can influence a civil suit for animal attacks is a lack of insurance coverage. If the person who owns a dog has no insurance that applies to the dog, their only recourse for recovery may be to file an injury claim against the dog owner.

Importance of Dog’s History of Violence

Since Massachusetts is a strict liability state, a dog with a history of biting people can have an effect on an injury claim. There is no actual written language that says that if a dog has bitten prior, then they have to give a victim a higher compensation on the second dog bite, but certainly it does happen very often. Courts may be in favor of victims who have suffered a dog bite by a dog with an aggressive history. A skilled dog bite attorney may be able to use this information in order to get you the compensation you deserve.

Statute of Limitations of a Dog Bite Claim

The statute of limitations is the amount of time in which a person can present a lawsuit. In Massachusetts, the statute of limitations for a dog bite claim is three years. This can change for a minor since the statute of limitations does not start tolling until someone turns 18 years old. This does not necessarily mean that a case has to be settled by that time. However, if a person has not filed a claim within the appropriate amount of time, they can lose their right to a claim no matter how at the fault the negligent party is.

Getting in Touch with a Boston Dog Bite Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury from a dog attack or dog bite, it may be worth investigating the services a Boston dog bite lawyer can provide you with. An attorney can not only calculate the total number of damages owed to you, but also guide you through the claims process as well. An attorney can also inform you on any significant factors impacting a Boston dog bite claim. By knowing such factors ahead of time, you may be able to increase your chance of filing an injury claim successfully.