Filing Boston Dog Bite Claims

When a person has been attacked by a dog, they are within their right to file a dog bite claim. In most cases, this can involve an actual bite, but there are times when a large dog knocks someone over to the point where they are horribly injured. A dog attack claim could also be initiated by anybody who has been attacked, bitten, scarred, scratched, or hurt from a dog. For help with filing Boston dog bite claims, get in touch with a seasoned attorney.

How to File a Dog Bite Claim

In Massachusetts, dog bites and attacks fall under the strict liability law. This means that if someone has been bitten or attacked by a dog, they do not have to prove liability. The fact that they were bitten by a dog is proof enough in the eyes of the court. The only issue which remains to be unsolved is the worth of the case. An attorney could provide a victim with great legal assistance when calculating the number of damages sustained.

Process for Filing a Dog Bite Claim

One of the first steps in filing a dog bite claim would be to hire an attorney. An attorney may then try to gather as much information as possible in relation to the dog. Such information may include where the dog bite took place, information on the owner of the dog, and if the police were involved.

A lawyer could also determine if an insurance company is responsible. If there is no insurance company, then the claim may become a lawsuit right away. The lawsuit would have to be specifically against the dog owner or the dog caretaker in court.

Issues may arise when trying to track down the responsible party. This could happen if the victim suffered a dog bite without filing a police report. They may be unable to attain information on the dog or the dog owner/caretaker. In these circumstances, an investigation may take a long time since it would consist of tracking down the parties at fault.

What Happens After a Dog Bite Claim is Processed?

After a dog bite claim has been processed, an attorney can work with the defendant and their insurance company. The next step is then to let the victim complete their treatment for their injury. However, it is important to keep in mind that an attorney may be unable to calculate the worth of a case until after the victim is finished with their treatment.

Once the victim completes their medical treatment, an attorney can put together a demand package and send it out to the insurance company. This package includes information with regards to how the incident happened and how the victim’s life has been affected because of this bite.

The insurance company evaluates that file and both sides may begin talking about settlement money. The hope would be to settle it for a number that is fair. If not, the victim can always file a lawsuit and resolve the case through the court system.

Research and Development for a Dog Bite Civil Suit

In an effort to establish a claim, an attorney may first ask for a police report. A lawyer could then identify the party at fault. If they have not been identified, an attorney may have to make time to track the party down. An attorney may also want to know if the dog has bitten someone before.

An investigation can take place but ultimately, the most common complication with a dog bite would be an inability to find proper coverage. If a dog owner has no insurance or assets, there is no way to recover. Ultimately, a lawyer can get a judgment against that defendant but they still might never see compensation.

Hiring a Boston Dog Bite Attorney

The process for filing Boston dog bite claims could be complicated at times. However, with the help of an attorney, you may be able to accomplish the filing of an injury claim without any major setbacks. An attorney could act as a representative on your behalf when dealing with law enforcement, insurance companies, and the parties at fault. They could also conduct their own investigation if the case warrants it. To find out more about how an attorney can help, contact a skilled dog attack injury lawyer today.