Common Motorcycle Accident Injuries In Boston

A motorcycle crash can lead to severe injuries and long-term complications. Motorcycle wrecks typically lead to more serious injuries than other vehicle collisions. If you suffered an injury in a motorcycle collision, it is critical that you get the recovery you need. Fortunately, an accomplished attorney who is knowledgeable about the common motorcycle accident injuries in Boston could help you recover. Reach out to a dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer today.

What are the Most Common Injuries Seen in Motorcycle Accidents?

Motorcycle crashes can cause any type of injury one could think of. These types of accidents can be as benign as a sprain to fatal injuries. Some of the most common motorcycle accident injuries in Boston include:

Motorcycle accidents are typically more severe than car wrecks because of the lack of protection a motorcycle has.

In a car, there are guidelines and standards in the American automobile industry that dictate an individual must be surrounded by a certain amount of airbags with a steel cage that has a certain tensile strength that can withstand a certain amount of impact.

In a motorcycle, there are no airbags and there is no steel cage surrounding the driver. Even if the motorcyclist is driving at low speeds, the injuries from a wreck can be catastrophic.

Traumatic Brain Injuries in Motorcycle Crashes

If the brain is impacted enough in an accident that an individual exhibits certain symptoms of cognitive or mental deficiency, they likely suffered a traumatic brain injury. A TBI is one of the most severe injuries that one can have. This is why it is critical for motorcyclists to wear a helmet while riding. However, a traumatic brain injury can still happen when someone is wearing a helmet.

The main cause of a head injury is when an individual hits their head on the pavement and their brain hits one side of their skull, causing it to swell. A TBI is significant because the brain is such a vital organ. It may take years for one to recover from a traumatic brain injury and in some cases, they may never be the same. When someone’s cognitive function is affected, it can impact their ability to speak and autonomic bodily functions.

When someone has been in a motorcycle crash, they should get their head checked out by a doctor. Attorneys see motorcycle accidents result in traumatic brain injuries go undiagnosed because the person did not get their head checked by a doctor.

Broken Bones

Suffering broken bones is common in motorcycle crashes. Broken bones occur when the motorcyclist hits the ground, is hit by an object, or runs into something. The most serious consequence of getting a broken bone is getting blood poisoning. Having a bone shatter is also a serious repercussion from a broken bone.

If a bone shatters and the various particulates from the bone are dispersed amongst the muscles surrounding the fracture, it can be tremendously painful and challenging for a doctor to correct. If someone suffers a bone shatter, they may be looking at artificial support for their bones, which can lead to a permanent disability.

Call a Boston Lawyer About the Common Motorcycle Collision Injuries

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