Insurance Claims in Boston Motorcycle Accidents

Upon being involved in a motorcycle accident, victims may be unsure about how to handle an insurance claim. There may be many reasonable fears regarding insurance premiums and collisions with drivers who have little to no insurance coverage. However, with a legal advocate at your side, you may be to gather more information regarding insurance claims in Boston motorcycle accidents.

Unique Aspects of Motorcycle Accident Claims

Plaintiffs of any personal injury case are required to prove that the at-fault party acted negligently and caused the plaintiff’s damages. However, what separates motorcycle cases from other types of motor vehicle cases is that they are taken much more serious by the court since riders have no protection from a collision with another vehicle. Due to this vulnerability, riders are far more susceptible to sustain catastrophic injuries requiring intensive medical treatment.

As a result, damage awards may be higher since due to medical costs and other noneconomic factors. Due to the high value in motorcycle crash cases, attorneys are then forced to take a different approach when trying to establish liability against the at-fault driver.

Can a Motorcycle Accident Impact Boston Insurance Rates?

For motorcycle accidents, Boston insurance rates would not change if the at-fault driver is clearly at fault. However, if it is found that the motorcycle rider is culpable for the crash, their insurance premiums may increase. Victims who are afraid of having their insurance rates go up following an accident should reach out to an attorney about how best to approach their case.

Importance of Purchasing Uninsured Motorist Coverage

All motorists are recommended to purchase uninsured motorist coverage. This type of coverage acts as a safeguard against drivers who have no insurance or are underinsured. For example, if a person collides with another driver, and the driver was driving a stolen car or a car with no insurance, the uninsured motorist policy would allow the victim to recover for pain and suffering, medical bills, and emotional distress.

Some policy limits tend to be very low. However, there are certain limits that would allow victims to recover for the full value of their case. The cost per month is greatly outweighed by the benefit and peace of mind knowing you have nothing to worry about in the event you are in an accident with someone with no insurance.

Benefits of Hiring a Lawyer

There are many benefits that comes with hiring a legal professional to handle your accident claim. An attorney may be able to advise you on how to interact with insurance adjusters in order to avoid saying anything that would jeopardize your claim. In addition, a lawyer could help you negotiate any settlements being offered by the insurance company. For more information, reach out to an attorney or schedule a consultation today.