Boston Negligent Security Lawyer

Business and private landowners have an obligation to the people they invite to their business or private property. That obligation is to maintain safe conditions, provide protection and exercise reasonable care from dangers the invitees do not know about or should know about. Failure to do so can result in numerous preventable crimes such as assault, robbery, kidnapping and sexual assault. These crimes are preventable with the implementation of appropriate security measures such as security gates, fencing, security cameras and monitoring and alarm systems. However, if these or other crimes occur, landowners may be held responsible by a Boston negligent security lawyer. To learn more or discuss your case, call and schedule a consultation with an injury lawyer today. En Español.

Steps to Take if a Victim

If you believe you have been a victim of a crime on commercial or private property, contact Nussbaum Law Group P.C. today for your free consultation. Our experienced Boston negligent security attorneys can examine your case and help determine whether or not you have legal claim and if so, what type of damages both economic and non-economic you may be able to recover. The attorneys at Nussbaum Law Group are determined to get you the settlement you deserve and make sure no one else suffers as you did.