Boston Bus-Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

In some pedestrian accident cases, the vehicle or instrument striking the pedestrian is a bus rather than a regular automobile, motorcycle, or truck. Pedestrians in these situations are commonly struck by public transportation buses. Considering the high volume of pedestrians in areas where there are public transportation systems, such as a bus or subway, pedestrian accidents occur frequently.

If you have sustained such an injury due to this type of accident, you should get in touch with a seasoned pedestrian accident attorney. A Boston bus-pedestrian accident lawyer could review the details of your case and inform you of your options regarding receiving compensation for damages sustained.

Common Fact Patterns of Pedestrian Accident Involving Buses

Due to the size of buses, pedestrian accidents involving a bus could cause the injury to suffer serious injuries. In many cases, pedestrians are not expecting a bus to hit them and fail to brace for impact. Under these circumstances, the injuries could be especially worse and cause victims to file a compensation claim for a high amount of damages.

Regarding settling a claim, most bus companies, no matter if it is owned by the city or privately owned, carry a respectable insurance policy. Typically, a Boston bus-pedestrian accident lawyer can obtain a substantial settlement for the victim.

Settling a Claim with a Private Bus Company in Boston

One of the significant differences between accidents involving private bus companies vs. public bus companies is that a settlement award from the private company who owns the charter bus could be worth more in comparison than that of a publicly owned bus company. This may be since policies ensuring private bus companies may be more expensive and willing to settle for more money. Publicly owned bus companies may have a limit to what they can offer in a settlement due to any potential laws which may prevent them from doing so.

Additionally, publicly owned bus companies also tend to fight injury cases much harder than regular private insurance company. This makes it much more difficult to not only receive an appropriate settlement amount but also to file a successful insurance claim as well.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Public Bus Stops

One of the more common areas in which pedestrian accidents involving buses occur is at or around bus stops. In some cases, the pedestrian could be standing on the edge of the bus stop and get struck by one of the bus’ side mirrors, potentially sustained a head injury as a result. Victims of such an injury should get in touch with a seasoned lawyer for help with filing a compensation claim for damages.

Reach Out to a Boston Bus-Pedestrian Attorney Today

One of the most challenging things to accomplish during an injury claim is establishing liability against the party at fault. This requires the plaintiff to provide the court with substantial evidence. However, the process of gathering evidence could prove difficult for someone with limited legal experience. That is why it is recommended to get in touch with a professional injury attorney. A Boston bus-pedestrian accident lawyer could provide you with the guidance need in gathering evidence and presenting a convincing injury claim.