Dangers of Running on Boston Roadways

Due to the lack of runners and bicyclists, Boston does not have many areas explicitly zoned for running. However, there are many parks which could serve as an alternative. Paths have also been created around the Charles River where people are encouraged to run, ride their bike, or engage in other forms of outdoor activities. Runners who choose to run in the Boston area should keep in mind that they should run on either the side of the road or on a sidewalk. Contact an experienced pedestrian accident attorney to learn more about the dangers of running on Boston roadways.

How Runners and Drivers Can Prevent Pedestrian Accidents in Boston

Part of the responsibility that comes with driving a vehicle is to be aware of one’s surroundings. Drivers should be conscious of the fact that, with the exception of most major highways, runners and cyclists may also be on the roads. However, runners and bikers should also be responsible when choosing to run or ride a bike on a busy road.

One of the more common dangers of running on Boston roadways is running when the weather is unfavorable, such as during hail, snow, rain, or strong winds. This weather may reduce a driver’s visibility, making it all the more important to wear bright colors, blinking lights, or any other type of reflective clothing that could be spotted during inclement weather or at night.

Behaviors Putting Runners at Risk of a Pedestrian Accident

One of the more common behaviors exhibited by runners putting themselves at risk of being the victim of a pedestrian accident in Boston is refusing to wear the proper visible clothing. While it is true that drivers should be aware of their surrounding, especially for runners and cyclists, runners can take steps to help the driver identify them in the event of inclement weather reducing visibility. If a road is hectic, runners should acknowledge that it may be too dangerous to run on such a road. Instead, runners can choose to run on the sidewalk or choose a different location.

Dangers of Running at Night

Certain roads during nighttime could also be especially dangerous. If a road does not have street lights, runners and cyclists should choose to run somewhere else or during the day time. Many runners may also decide to run with headphones on. Although this is a common practice, this is particularly dangerous if a driver is honking their horn, making drivers and pedestrians alike, aware of their presence.

Contact an Attorney to Learn More

Whether it be by running or riding a bike, pedestrians should take extra precautions when choosing to engage in this type of exercise when running alongside or on busy roads. Runners should use their logic to decipher if an area is too dangerous to run in. If they do not own any reflective clothing, it is recommended to exercise during the day time. If the weather is hazardous for drivers, runners should look for an alternative area to partake in their running activities. For more information on the dangers of running on Boston roadways, contact an attorney today.