How Runners Can Avoid Pedestrian Accidents in Boston

There are several precautions runners and drivers should take to prevent a pedestrian accident. It is crucial for pedestrians and drivers to follow the rules of the road and pay attention to their surroundings. Reach out to an attorney if you have been in a collision or would like to know more about how runners can avoid pedestrian accidents in Boston. A seasoned lawyer could help you understand the protective measures you should take and how to recover compensation if you were injured in an accident.

Driving Behaviors That Put Runners at Risk

It is critical for drivers to always be aware of their surroundings. There could be kids playing basketball in a yard, and one could come running out after a basketball onto the street. Also, a runner could be running along the roadway, and the driver should take notice and ensure they do not hit the pedestrian.

Drivers need to be conscious of the fact than, with the exception of most major highways, many people are running on the street. The more familiar a driver is with the area, they will learn that on certain roads it is more likely than not that there are going to be runners and bikers, and so they need to proceed cautiously and carefully.

On that same note, runners and the bikers need to be responsible. There is a responsibility for everyone, whether a pedestrian or the operator of a vehicle, to follow the rules of the road and to be aware of their surroundings. As a driver, it is crucial to pay attention to their driving and limit distractions. This includes not playing around with the radio or looking down at their cellphone.

Steps Runners Should Take to Protect Themselves

Specific behavior that puts runners at a higher risk of being hit is not wearing the proper clothing. Runners need to identify themselves and should wear clothing as bright as possible, as lit up as possible, or at least reflective. They should also run in an area where they are familiar. Deciding on a location to run comes down to common sense. A person should not run in an area that is high in crime. If someone makes a decision to run on the road, they should make an educated decision. Certain roads, based on their design, hidden corners, and the way they are lit, are going to be inherently more dangerous than other roads.

If a runner knows by running down this particular street they will be in a somewhat dangerous situation or they are taking somewhat of a risk, they should go out of their way to mitigate those risks and run somewhere else that is safe. Many people run with headphones on, but that does not allow them to hear if someone is honking their horn or other dangers that may be present, and it will certainly increase their risk of being involved in an accident. Reach out to a seasoned legal professional to learn more about how runners can avoid pedestrian accidents in Boston.

Call a Lawyer About Preventing Pedestrian Accidents

If you have any questions regarding how runners can avoid pedestrian accidents in Boston, call today. An attorney could help explain the safety measures you and others should be taking. Also, if you were injured in an accident, a lawyer could help you file a claim and recover the compensation that you deserve.