Unique Aspects of Boston Pedestrian Accident Cases

When a pedestrian is involved in an accident, it is still an auto accident, regardless of how many vehicles may be involved, and will be treated as such. Most pedestrian accidents in Boston involve some form of automobile. The most difficult one is a car hitting a pedestrian, whether the pedestrian is on foot or a bicycle.

The fact that one of the parties is a pedestrian does not much change how the case works. The insurance companies are still involved, a person is treated for their injuries, and they recover compensation for their injuries.

Typically, when a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, there often are more severe injuries than when it is just two automobiles. When two automobiles get involved in an accident, people can still suffer catastrophic injuries. The automobile itself, however, acts as some kind of safety net for humans riding in the car, whereas when a pedestrian is hit by a vehicle, they are not protected.

To learn more about the unique aspects of Boston pedestrian accident cases, reach out to a lawyer. An experienced pedestrian accident lawyer could help you recover the compensation that you deserve.

Common Fact Patterns Associated with Pedestrian Accidents

In Boston, the most common type of pedestrian accident involves someone crossing a road. After one of these accidents, an investigation will involve asking whether the pedestrian was in the crosswalk or not, if there was a walking or stop signal, if it was dark outside, what color their clothing was, and if the pedestrian was wearing headphones. There are many details that go into investigating a pedestrian accident and determining who is liable.

Typically, pedestrian accidents involve a person walking across the street and they get hit by a vehicle. Sometimes kids run into the street chasing a tennis ball or a basketball, and they get hit. More frequently and more commonly in the past few years are bicycles being used more and more often on the roads.

There are some roads that have bike lanes. But, even though bicyclists are considered pedestrians, they are still supposed to follow the rules of the road. Many accidents involve bicyclists hit by vehicles.

Minors Involved in Pedestrian Accidents

Unfortunately, children are often involved in pedestrian accidents. One of the most unique aspects of Boston pedestrian accident cases involving children is that they usually are seen in the summer when the kids are out of school and playing street hockey, basketball, or running around with their friends. Minors are often involved in pedestrian accidents within a mile of their own house or, even more likely, on their own street. It may be someone accidentally backing a car into them, especially a smaller child who is harder to see.

Pedestrians involved in accidents often are children who somehow managed to find their way onto a street or in front of a car, and sometimes it is the automobile driver’s fault. Other times, there was nothing that the automobile driver could have done to avoid the child. Also, children tend to ride bicycles more in the summertime when are outside playing, or it is a form of transportation for them, especially teenagers. They may be riding their bikes to the local convenience store, to the local park, or to their friend’s houses, and accidents often happen in those situations.

Pedestrian Accidents Involving Elderly People

For elderly people as pedestrians, some factors make them more susceptible to being hit by a vehicle. An elderly person or someone with a disability, such as walking with a cane or a walker, is probably taking longer to get across the street. An elderly person may not be able to make sudden movements to get out of the way of a vehicle. Anytime there is an elderly person on the street, there is a higher chance of someone being hit just because they are not able to avoid the vehicle.

Tourists in Pedestrian Accidents

Boston is a top tourist destination in America and tourists tend to be pedestrians walking around seeing the sights, especially when the weather is nice. An influx of tourists means there are extra pedestrians on the streets, leading to more pedestrian accidents. If you have any questions regarding a claim or the unique aspects of Boston pedestrian accident cases, contact an attorney today.