Evidence in Boston Slip and Fall Cases

If you or a loved one suffered an injury following a slip and fall on another party’s property, you might be eligible for compensation. For a successful claim, an individual needs to prove that the defendant’s negligence led to their injuries. Therefore, it is crucial for injured victims to obtain a seasoned lawyer who has experienced collecting and presenting evidence in Boston slip and fall cases. Reach out to a dedicated slip and fall lawyer today to learn more about how a legal professional could help you.

What Types of Evidence is Available in Slip and Fall Cases?

In a personal injury case, the burden of proof is on the plaintiff. This means that the defendant does not have to prove they are not at fault as it is the plaintiff’s job to prove liability. To establish negligence in slip and fall cases, it is imperative to hire a Boston lawyer who could help with gathering evidence. Some of the evidence that may be available in Boston slip and fall cases include video, photos, medical bills, and eyewitnesses.

After suffering a slip and fall injury, it is critical for the individual to seek medical treatment. Medical care is important for one’s health and their claim. The medical bills and doctor’s testimony could be used as evidence in a slip and fall claim. If the accident happened in a grocery store, there may be surveillance footage of the incident. It is crucial to recover this evidence as soon as possible, as the video could be erased. Photographs of the scene of the accident could be used to prove that there was a dangerous hazard that led to the claimant’s injuries. Eye witness testimony can be strong evidence used in slip and fall cases. If there were people around when the accident occurred, they could testify as to what exactly happened.

Collecting Information at the Scene of the Accident

Once someone has slipped and fallen, they should gather as much information as possible if they are physically able to do so. Most people have cell phones, which could be used to take pictures of the area of the scene. The individual should look for whatever might be useful, like if there was a loose nail or if there was an accumulation of liquid on the floor.

It is important to gather any documentation from the place of the accident. Most places will put a report of the incident together right away. After gathering as much information related to the accident, the individual should call an experienced lawyer. An attorney could review the facts of the case and determine where to proceed next in order to get the injured individual the compensation they deserve.

Contact a Boston Lawyer About Evidence in Slip and Fall Cases

Gathering evidence in Boston slip and fall cases as soon as possible is essential to a successful claim. If you or a loved one suffered a slip and fall injury, reach out to a well-versed attorney today. Let a legal professional fight for your right to compensation.