Property Owner’s Duty in Boston Slip and Fall Cases

Landowners are obligated to provide a safe environment for all their invited guests. This involves maintaining a property without any hazards or dangerous conditions. In the event that a landowner cannot fix a dangerous condition before a visitor enters a property, they are to notify them of the hazardous conditions.

If you or a loved one was injured while visiting the property belonging to another individual, you may be able to hold them accountable for your injuries. However, an adequate amount of knowledge regarding a property owner’s duty in Boston slip and fall cases is required in order to prove a property owner’s carelessness. For more information, get in touch with a knowledgeable attorney today.

What is a Premises Liability?

Premises liability refers to the duty of care that a landowner owes to a visitor. The duty of care owed to a visitor is to keep the property safe and free of hazardous and dangerous conditions. In the event that someone is injured on someone’s property due to a hazard that was not taken care of or was made aware to the visitor before entering the premises, the visitor may hold the property owner liable for negligence.

Duty of Care Owed to Visitors

The duty of care is described as the property owner’s responsibility to maintain their property safe from any dangerous conditions that could injure a visitor. Hazardous conditions could include many things, such as loose wood or brick, separated floorboards, etc. In the event that a dangerous condition cannot be fixed in time for a person’s visit, the landowner can take steps to inform visitors of the hazard beforehand.

Standard of Reasonable Care

Reasonable care refers to the common sense a person would have when trying to avoid injury. This could potentially play a part in a premises liability claim. The defense may choose to investigate whether the victim acted rationally in the moments leading up to their injury. If it can be proved that the victim’s irrational behavior played a role in their injuries, their premises liability claim could be negatively impacted.

Property Owner’s Unawareness of their Obligations

It does not matter whether a landowner was unaware of their obligation to provide a safe environment for its visitors. Landowners are required to know that they could be held liable should a victim sustain an injury due to a hazard on their property. A property owner’s duty in Boston slip and fall cases is to maintain a safe environment for all their guests, and if they cannot do so, to provide a notice that their property hosts dangerous conditions.

Reach Out to an Attorney

Obtaining a favorable outcome following the filing of a slip and fall injury claim is not an easy task to undertake. For such cases, a great amount of investigation must be conducted in order to hold a property owner accountable for a victim’s injuries. Knowledge regarding a property owner’s duty in Boston slip and fall cases is also required to prove landowner negligence. Luckily, victims could retain the services of a trusted injury attorney for assistance.