Boston Blind Spot Truck Accident Lawyer

Blind spot trucking collisions can lead to significant damages and injuries. When a semi-truck hits another vehicle, the impact is usually forceful.

If you or a loved one were injured in a blind spot truck crash, you might be entitled to compensation. A Boston blind spot truck accident lawyer could review your case and fight for your right to damages. Reach out to a dedicated truck collision attorney today.

Common Fact Patterns Involving Blind Spot Truck Accidents in Boston

Blind spot truck collisions can happen anywhere, especially when a truck is navigating narrow two-lane streets or maneuvering around city traffic. Most truck accidents occur when a truck is trying to get off a rotary and does not see a car on its right-side (in its blind spot) and then ends off cutting off the vehicle and pushing it off the road.

A truck driver could cause a blind spot accident when they change lanes and do not see the other vehicle. For more information, contact a blind spot truck accident lawyer in Boston.

Why are Trucks Prone to Blind Spot Collisions?

Trucks are more prone to blind spot accidents because they are longer and there are only so many cameras and mirrors available to the truck driver to mitigate any blind spots that may exist. The longer the truck, the worse the blind spot. A person cannot see through the trailer being pulled, especially with an 18-wheeler.

A smaller commercial vehicle presents the same issue because there is a load obstructing the view so the driver cannot see directly behind them. Semi-truck drivers are trained to operate a vehicle under those circumstances and are held to a higher standard of care. Unfortunately, truck drivers do not always take advantage of all the safety measures that the truck is equipped with.

Truck drivers are supposed to drive more slowly than other passenger cars on the road, either by company policy or by law and they are supposed to triple check their blind spots and to make sure it is exceptionally safe for a passenger vehicle to either get around them or for the truck driver to pass another vehicle.

Truck Disclaimers Concerning Blind Spots

Most 18-wheelers have a disclaimer written on the back of the truck notifying other drivers that there are blind spots. Therefore, other vehicles should drive safely to be sure the truck driver can see them when they are either behind or beside the truck. That being said, it does not absolve the truck driver of liability for a blind spot accident. For help with establishing negligence following a blind spot truck collision, contact a dedicated lawyer.

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Unfortunately, blind spot truck collisions can lead to catastrophic outcomes. If you or a loved one have been injured in a wreck, reach out to an accomplished Boston blind spot truck accident lawyer who could help you recover compensation. Call our team today and set up your consultation with a skilled legal professional.