Deciding Whether to Settle or Go to Trial in a Boston Truck Accident Case

There are many pros and cons to settling a truck accident claim. The same is true when it comes to going to trial. An experienced attorney could give a person legal advise on their options, but ultimately, it is the claimant’s decision when it comes to settling or taking the case to trial. An accomplished lawyer could help you with deciding whether to settle or go to trial in a Boston truck accident case. Reach out to a dedicated truck collision lawyer today.

Reasons to Settle Instead of Going to Trial

When it comes to deciding whether to settle or go to trial in a Boston truck accident case, it is crucial to weigh the benefits and cons of both options. Going to trial is expensive, and there are many risks associated with trial. When a case goes to trial, the lawyers typically have to do depositions and hire expert witnesses. Expert witnesses can cost from $500 to $10,00 or more. Hiring a doctor as an expert witness is not only costly, but it is also risky because they may not be effective on the stand.

The trial process carries risks because the plaintiff is relying on the jury to come to a decision as to what happened in a truck accident case. The jury may side with the defendant, which means the plaintiff would not receive any compensation.

When someone accepts a settlement offer, they are taking the risk out of the entire claims process, and they do not have to go through the stress of going to trial. A trial is also a lengthy process that involved a year going through depositions, submitting to interrogatories, and documenting disclosures.

Common Issues When Negotiating a Settlement

When negotiating a settlement, a claimant may encounter issues when it comes to liability. The insurance company or defendant may claim they are not at fault for the wreck. Also, the insurance company might claim that the claimant did not actually suffer injuries. The insurance company is always going to try to save money and payout as little as possible. Fortunately, a seasoned lawyer could fight on behalf of the injured victim to ensure they get the best value for their case.

Pros of Going to Trial Instead of Taking Settlement Offer

Sometimes it is worth going to trial if the settlement offer on the table is not enough. More often than not, a jury will come to a fair decision and give them fair value for their case. But when talking to a lawyer about evaluating the risk, they will get a percentage of what are the chances they are going to win the case versus the potential reward. This is how they are going to evaluate whether or not they should settle or go to trial.

When an insurance company or the defendant is not offering a fair amount of compensation, then it may be worth it to take the case to trial and seek the compensation the injured victim deserves. This is especially true if the claimant has a strong case.

In some cases, it is not worth going to trial it because either their case has liability issues, or best-case scenario, the insurance company is making a fair offer and it outweighs the inconvenience and stress related to a trial. If they settle a case, they are saving thousands of dollars that they would have to pay to experts and for deposition costs and other people affiliated with the trial.

They incur those costs in the hope that the jury will award them those thousands of dollars on top of what the insurance company gives them. However, sometimes, that does not happen. If their case is a strong one, a trial may be the best way to get the best value.

How a Boston Attorney Could Help When Deciding Whether to Settle or Go To Trial

Deciding whether to settle or go to trial in a Boston truck accident case can be challenging. Fortunately, a skilled lawyer could assess your case and help you decide which one is your best option. Call today and set up a consultation with a well-versed legal professional today.