Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident in Boston

Individuals involved in truck accidents often make the mistake of not collecting evidence such as taking pictures of the scene. Following a truck crash, it is essential to contact the police and get the correct information from the truck driver. Taking these steps and calling an attorney could help an injured victim recover the damages that they deserve.

To learn more about the mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Boston and how a lawyer could help you, call today. An accomplished truck accident lawyer could help you get the compensation you need.

Giving Recorded Statements to the Insurance Company

One of the biggest mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Boston is giving a recorded statement to the insurance company. When an insurance company solicits a recorded statement before the individual consults an attorney, it is acting in good faith, just trying to get the story straight, but the person should recognize that insurance companies are acting in its own self-interests. Insurance companies are not on the injured victim’s team, regardless of whether it is the person’s own insurance company or a third-party company representing the person at fault for the accident. The recorded statement becomes evidence at trial and for the case when one gives that to the insurance company, and there is no reason it would benefit the case to give that recorded statement before consulting with an attorney.

The attorney can shore up the story to make sure they do not make any mistakes when they are explaining what happened in the case. Negligence is allocated on a percentage basis by evaluating all the details, and usually, that percentage is assigned by a jury or by the insurance company.

Avoid Cashing a Check Before Consulting an Attorney

If someone is in an accident and an insurance company offers them a check for property damage, it is not always a bad idea to cash the check, but sometimes it could be a mistake. It is imperative that the injured person consults a lawyer because once they cash the check, they are essentially accepting whatever liability decision the insurance company made. Also, the check may not be for as much as the vehicle or case was worth.

An accomplished attorney could advise the individual as to whether the check offered is appropriate or not to cash.

Failing to Contact an Attorney Right Away

Failing to reach out to a lawyer is one of the mistakes to avoid following a truck accident in Boston. Contacting an attorney as soon as possible is always the best advice for people involved in a truck collision. A lawyer’s job is to help guide them through the process of setting up an insurance claim. They also make sure that the case is as strong as possible, gathering the best evidence they need and going forward with the case to get them the best settlement, the most money for their lost wages and injuries, and to get them compensated for their property damage.

Some evidence is stronger than others, and a lawyer is the best person to contact to compile that evidence and put it forward in the best light. The injured person may not know what is important to save, to document, to take pictures of, and what to say to an insurance company. Therefore, the faster an individual gets an attorney, the faster they get help navigating the process and the better their chances of getting the best value.

How an Attorney Could Help One Avoid Mistakes After a Truck Accident in Boston

An attorney could help navigate the initial steps of dealing with a truck accident by gathering all the evidence, finding the witnesses who saw the accident, and getting pictures of all the damage done to whatever vehicles are involved. The attorney also will take account of every medical provider involved from beginning to end.

A lawyer could help with the legal aspects so that you can focus on healing following a crash. To learn more about the mistakes to avoid after a truck accident in Boston and how an attorney could help you, call today.