Common Workplace Injuries in Boston

While some jobs are more dangerous than others, that does not mean that work which does not appear especially risky does not cause injury to its fair share of employees. Certain common workplace injuries in Boston can happen to almost anyone, whether their workplace is a factory or office building. If you have suffered an injury while at work, reach out to a seasoned workers’ compensation attorney. Let a dedicated lawyer fight for your right to compensation.

Bodily Reaction

The way a body reacts to certain movements over time can result in injury or even permanent disability. Work requiring constant repetitive movements, including typing, might cause carpal tunnel syndrome or various joint problems. In the same vein, work requiring someone to stand in the same place for a long time can cause or exacerbate arthritis. Having to remain in an unnatural position for long periods can also stress the body.

In many cases, the nature of the job makes it difficult for employees to protect themselves, but they should take advantage of every break to move around and learn stretches and exercises that could help their bodies recover from the demands their jobs place on them.


Overexertion—one of the most common workplace injuries in Boston—generally occurs when a typical task goes awry. Whether it happens because of improper lifting, pushing, or pulling, overexertion can cause serious harm to a worker’s body. Avoid this danger by learning the correct way to perform any of these movements. It is also important to stay in good shape and know your physical limits. Do not take on jobs you are not physically able to perform.


Falls are among the most common workplace injuries in Boston, including both trip and falls on the same level and falls to another level. The latter may involve falling off a ladder or down the stairs, which is dangerous enough or falling off scaffolding, which may prove fatal.

While not all falls are preventable, many of them are if proper safety procedures are followed. Employers should replace warped or torn flooring or carpeting that may pose a trip hazard. Workers should check the safety of ladders before using them, and stairwells should always have appropriate handrails installed and good lighting.

Alternatively, there are some situations where heavy objects may fall on a worker. In construction and similar industries, workers should be aware that items may fall from above and should always wear a hard hat to protect themselves onsite. In other types of work, it is imperative to make sure objects are stored safely on shelves, materials are properly stacked, and the workplace, in general, is neat and free of clutter.

Worker’s Compensation Insurance

Injuries in the workplace are not covered by the victim’s medical insurance. Instead, if these injuries occurred on the job, worker’s compensation should cover medical bills and provide the injured worker with certain benefits while recuperating.

However, some employers may fight an employee’s worker’s compensation claim depending on the circumstances of their injury. Anyone injured on the job who is denied worker’s compensation benefits should contact an attorney as soon as possible. A seasoned lawyer is familiar with the common workplace injuries in Boston and could work tirelessly to get you the compensation that you deserve.