Brockton Dog Bite Lawyer

Dog attacks can result in serious injuries and infections, and it could be important to seek immediate medical care even if a bite appears to be minor. Whether you were jogging, running, or merely walking down the street when a dog bit you, you might also wish to speak with a personal injury attorney about your legal options.

You do not have to figure out the steps of the legal process on your own. Instead, call a Brockton dog bite lawyer for a confidential consultation if you were injured from a dog attack. A seasoned attorney may be able to answer any questions regarding your injury and your right to recover damages. En Español.

Dog Owner Liability in Brockton

Various states have different laws regarding dog owners’ liability for dog bites. Some states have a rule which essentially allows one free bite before the dog owner may be liable for injuries. Negligence can also be the basis of a dog bite claim in these states.

Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140 §155 describes dog owners’ liability in Brockton. Specifically, it establishes strict liability when it comes to dog bites, which means the dog owner or keeper does not have to be found at fault for a dog attack in order to be held liable for it. Under this statute, a dog owner may be liable for injuries if their dog attacks an individual who was not:

  • Trespassing
  • Committing a tort
  • Provoking the dog
  • Abusing the dog

In some cases, it could be difficult to identify the owner or keeper of the dog. A Brockton dog bite attorney could gather any incident reports relevant to the dog attack and perform an investigation on a plaintiff’s behalf.

Pursuing a Brockton Dog Bite Claim

Individuals who have suffered an injury in a dog attack may endure financial, physical, and emotional losses as a result of the incident. They could incur charges for necessary medical treatment and endure a loss of income due to their inability to perform the duties of their job, and they may even suffer mental or emotional anguish.

It may be necessary to file a personal injury lawsuit in order to get fair compensation for a dog bite. Filing a lawsuit could entail identifying the proper parties, gathering evidence, and verifying the filing deadline. A Brockton dog bite lawyer could provide assistance in preparing a case for filing as well as filing the lawsuit in a timely manner.

In Massachusetts, individuals who have suffered a dog bite have three years to file their personal injury lawsuit. Failure to file a lawsuit in accordance with the statute of limitations could mean that an individual loses the right to recover damages. A court may not hear a time-barred claim once the other party brings it to the court’s attention that the deadline has passed.

Call a Brockton Dog Bite Attorney as Soon as Possible

Getting the medical care that you need should be your main priority after a dog bite. You should not have to worry about the financial burden that a dog owner has imposed upon you.

Instead, you may wish to seek the assistance and advice that a knowledgeable attorney could provide. Contact a Brockton dog bite lawyer today if you were injured in a dog attack. Do not delay in pursuing your claim.