Brookline Boat Accident Lawyer

Boating is a recreational activity enjoyed by many that can cause severe injuries and fatalities if individuals do not give due regard for safety. Incidents of near-drowning can result in brain injuries that may leave injured individuals paralyzed and dependent on others for their care. Other incidents on the water can result in broken bones and injuries to the spine and neck. There may be significant costs and long recovery periods associated with boat crashes and incidents.

An experienced Brookline boat accident lawyer may help those hurt through careless or reckless actions receive monetary damages from those responsible for causing these injury incidents. Such damages may be of use to individuals as they recover from their injuries.

Negligent Behaviors May Lead to Recovery for Boating Accident Injuries

Those hurt in a boating incident might be eligible for compensatory damages if the accident was caused by another person who behaved negligently. Negligent conduct is behavior that no reasonable person would choose to engage in, and may include:

  • Commanding a boat while under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Exceeding speed limitations for the area in which the person is boating
  • Piloting a boat without knowing how to operate the vessel safely
  • Towing water-skiers or water-tubers in an unsafe manner
  • Taking command of a vessel that does not have sufficient safety devices for all passengers on-board

Determining whether a person’s conduct is negligent requires a careful analysis of the facts in the matter. A Brookline boat accident lawyer may review a particular plaintiff’s case and advise that plaintiff whether it appears they may be eligible for compensation.

Actions to Take Following a Boat Accident Resulting in Injuries

Following a boating accident, those hurt should take steps to protect their health as well as their legal rights. Individuals who lost consciousness, who feel a tingling feeling in their arms or legs, or who do not have feeling in a part of their body should receive an immediate medical evaluation. These are signs of catastrophic injuries, and obtaining prompt and qualified medical treatment is a critical component of obtaining the most favorable outcome possible.

Deadline to File a Claim

Injured individuals should also seek legal counsel quickly. In Brookline, those hurt in any personal injury accident have three years from the date the incident occurs to file a lawsuit for compensation. A plaintiff who does not meet this time limit will most likely not receive any financial damages at all for their injuries and losses.

Keeping a Record of Medical Treatment

Finally, people harmed because of another’s careless actions on the water should endeavor to keep track of their bills, invoices, and expenses, along with the time they miss from work due to doctor’s appointments and recovery time. Doing so may help plaintiffs recover a compensation award that is sufficient to address the financial and other impacts of their injuries.

Reach Out to a Brookline Boat Accident Attorney for Assistance

If another person’s negligence led to you suffering a serious injury while boating, you might not need to address the financial costs of your recovery by yourself. You may be able to secure monetary compensation with help from a knowledgeable and qualified Brookline boat accident lawyer. You do not have a protracted period of time within which to exercise your legal rights, so speak with your attorney soon so you can timely commence your case.