Brookline Bus Accident Lawyer

The lack of safety restraints for bus passengers, coupled with the sheer mass of a commercial bus, means that many bus wrecks leave those involved with severe injuries. Passengers and other involved motorists alike may be left facing broken bones, spine and neck injuries, and traumatic brain injuries, along with the costs associated with such harm. Bus drivers and their employers may have an incentive to limit the amount of monetary damages they pay to injured individuals after such events.

A Brookline bus accident lawyer may help those who have suffered harm as the result of a bus driver’s or bus company’s negligence. A motor vehicle lawsuit may result in the injured plaintiff receiving compensation for any expenses, costs, or other losses they suffered in the accident. If you wish to find out more about your eligibility to recover compensation, be sure to contact a skilled injury attorney today.

Holding a Brookline Bus Driver or Company Accountable for an Accident

A negligent bus driver who causes a wreck may be held responsible for the injuries others suffer as a result. The bus company for whom the driver works may also be responsible for paying compensation if they committed acts of carelessness that contributed to the crash. This may include:

  • Hiring a bus driver who has an extensive history of traffic violations and accidents
  • Employing a driver who does not have the appropriate endorsements to operate a bus
  • Failing to train or supervise a newer bus driver
  • Overlooking routine maintenance and repairs to a bus

Plaintiffs should evaluate all the circumstances that may have contributed to their injuries so that they can file suit against the appropriate individuals and entities.

Settling a Bus Crash Lawsuit with a Bus Driver or Bus Company

Following a bus accident, the insurance company that represents the bus driver or the bus company may approach those hurt in the crash in an attempt to settle any claims. The insurance company may offer to provide a specific amount of compensation to an injured individual in return for that person’s promise not to file a lawsuit against the driver or company.

Settlement efforts like these are a common method whereby insurance companies working on behalf of bus companies and their employees limit the amount of financial damages the company must pay. Settlement offers promise injured plaintiffs a prompt monetary award, but the amount of such awards is often less than the full amount of compensation a plaintiff may need.

Before accepting a settlement offer, plaintiffs should consult with an experienced attorney and discuss the following considerations:

  • The extent of harm the plaintiff suffered in the crash
  • The ongoing medical needs of the plaintiff
  • The length of time the plaintiff will likely be away from work while recovering
  • The financial situation and financial resources of the plaintiff
  • The plaintiff’s desire to engage in litigation against the at-fault driver or bus company

Settling a bus accident case as opposed to seeking compensation at trial is not a decision plaintiffs ought to make without first consulting with a knowledgeable attorney. A Brookline bus accident lawyer could help plaintiffs make a well-considered decision regarding how to resolve their lawsuits.

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Filing and pursuing a claim for compensation following a bus accident requires legal knowledge and advocacy skills that many plaintiffs do not have. A Brookline bus accident lawyer may assist plaintiffs in investigating their crash, bringing suit against the appropriate individuals, and pursuing a proper amount of compensation from those at-fault for causing the bus wreck. For more information regarding the claims process, or to get started on a case, be sure to schedule a consultation today.