Brookline Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

Employees and contractors who work in nursing homes are in a position to inflict physical, emotional, or sexual abuse on residents. The lack of supervision and proper training in some nursing homes creates a favorable environment for abusive acts to occur. Aside from physical injuries, residents may suffer significant emotional harm as well.

Experienced and dedicated legal counsel may assist injured nursing home residents and their loved ones in taking action against their abusers. Compensation may be available to help victims of abusive behavior in nursing homes pay for medical treatment, relocation costs, counseling, and other services they may require. Such monetary damages are available through a successful personal injury lawsuit filed against those whose conduct caused or contributed to the abuse. To get started on your case, reach out to a Brookline personal injury lawyer today.

Potential Defendants in a Nursing Home Abuse Case

In a nursing facility abuse lawsuit, the injured resident or someone on the plaintiff’s behalf files a demand for compensation against the individuals or corporate entities that caused the plaintiff’s harm. These potential defendants may include:

  • The abuser
  • The abuser’s shift supervisor, if they did not provide adequate oversight
  • The administrator of the nursing home if they did not do enough to screen the abusive employee or contractor before hiring them
  • The company or corporate entity that owns the nursing home

Plaintiffs in a nursing home abuse case need to ensure that they name as defendants anyone who contributed to the abusive acts’ occurrence. Doing so helps ensure that the plaintiff is in the best position to recover a full compensation award. A nursing home abuse attorney could help plaintiffs in Brookline initiate their suits and advise them as to who should be held liable.

Representation for Victims Unable to Represent Themselves

Not all those who suffer abuse in a nursing home can take legal action against their abusers. Some may suffer from medical conditions that render them unable to know or remember someone else abusing them. In these circumstances, another person may step in and act as plaintiff, exercising the injured person’s legal rights on behalf of the injured person. If successful, the plaintiff receives monetary compensation for the injured person’s losses, and any payment they receive is for the injured person’s benefit.

Not everyone is eligible to act as a nursing home resident’s “next friend” and file a lawsuit on their behalf. Generally, the following requirements are necessary:

  • The abused individual has a mental or physical condition that makes them incapable of protecting their legal interests
  • The abused individual does not have a guardian or power of attorney in force who can represent the person’s interests
  • The court approves of the individual’s appointment to represent the abused person’s interests

Those who believe they may have an interest in serving in such a capacity should first visit with a Brookline nursing home abuse lawyer to determine if they may do so before taking any further action.

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If you or your loved one suffered abuse at the hands of a nursing home employee or contractor, do not delay in seeking legal assistance. You or your loved one may have the right to pursue a claim for compensation for any expenses, injuries, or losses associated with the abusive acts. To get started on your case, reach out to a Brookline nursing home abuse lawyer today.