Brookline Premises Liability Lawyer

Hidden dangers, as well as apparent hazards on properties, may lead to severe injuries to customers or social guests. Those who own or use residential or commercial properties that are open to others may prevent catastrophic, paralyzing, or even fatal injuries from happening. Since property owners and those who occupy property are the most familiar with their properties, the law imposes certain obligations upon them to reduce a visitor’s risk of harm.

Where property owners and occupiers fail to live up to their legal obligations, injured individuals may be successful in recovering compensation for any injuries they sustained. An experienced Brookline premises liability lawyer may be capable of helping those hurt in these personal injury accidents receive an appropriate amount of damages for their medical expenses, lost wages, and other associated costs.

Legal Obligations of Brookline Property Owners

The precise legal obligations a property owner or occupier owes to another person depends on whether that person is legally permitted to be on the property. If the property owner or occupier chooses to invite others onto their property for personal or commercial purposes, then the owner or occupier must take reasonable steps toward safeguarding such individuals. More specifically, the owner or occupier must take reasonable steps to make their property safe for others. For example, this may require the owner or occupier to fix or warn about obvious hazards such as spills and uneven walking surfaces.

Trespassers, on the other hand, are individuals who do not have permission or authority to be present on the owner’s or occupier’s property. Property owners and occupiers only need to refrain from intentionally or wantonly causing harm to trespassers. The property owner or occupier may not set a trap that harms a trespasser, but the owner or occupier has no obligation to clean up spills or repair damaged walkways.

An injured plaintiff’s ability to recover compensation, therefore, depends not only on the facts of the accident but also whether the plaintiff had legal authority or permission to be present on the property. These are not determinations that are always easy to make. Plaintiffs may find assistance from a qualified attorney in Brookline helpful in understanding their rights and deciding whether to take legal action.

Losses for Which Premises Liability Plaintiffs May Recover Compensation

If a plaintiff may pursue compensation through a premises liability lawsuit, they may be able to receive financial damages for expenses and losses they sustained in a slip and fall, a trip accident, or other injury events. The compensable expenses and losses would include amounts for:

  • Medical costs, treatments, and procedures the plaintiff needed
  • Pay the plaintiff could not earn because they were not able to work due to their injuries or doctor’s appointments
  • Mental trauma and physical suffering the plaintiff experienced
  • Loss of enjoyment of life activities the plaintiff experienced

Plaintiffs are generally eligible to seek compensation for both expenses they have already incurred as well as for costs they expect to sustain in the future because of their property-related injury. Attorneys with experience in these types of cases may help ensure plaintiffs pursue an appropriate amount of compensation for all of their needs.

Get Additional Assistance from a Brookline Premises Liability Attorney

Following an injury accident that occurs on another’s property, injured individuals should seek out qualified legal assistance as soon as possible. A Brookline premises liability lawyer may help plaintiffs determine whether they are eligible to file a case and seek monetary damages. For more information regarding the details of an injury claim, or if you wish to find out more regarding your eligibility to receive compensation, be sure to schedule a consultation today.