Brookline Truck Accident Lawyer

All automobile accidents are dangerous. Truck accidents have an even greater potential to cause damage due to their size, weight, the way they are loaded, and the goods they carry.

An accident involving a commercial truck may cause property destruction, severe injuries, or even death. When losses occur, a skilled Brookline truck accident lawyer could help you recover damages. By examining the specific factors that lead to a crash, a dedicated personal injury attorney could represent your interests in court and work for a favorable outcome. En Español.

Potential Defendants in a Truck Accident Case

Accidents involving trucks are often more complex than traditional car accidents. This is due in part to the potential for multiple defendants who may attempt to pass the blame onto each other. Potential defendants in truck crashes may include:

  • The truck driver
  • The owner of the truck
  • The company employing the truck driver
  • Truck parts manufacturers
  • The government entity responsible for road conditions and maintenance
  • Other drivers on the road

Massachusetts maintains joint and several liability. This means each defendant who is found at fault is responsible for paying an award to the plaintiff. Liability is divided evenly, regardless of the defendant’s individual degree of fault. A reliable Brookline truck accident lawyer could examine the factors surrounding a person’s injuries and work to hold a reckless truck operator accountable.

Proving Liability in Commercial Truck Crashes

Negligence is a common legal concept that many truck accident cases are built upon. Using this concept, a plaintiff or their attorney must prove the following:

  • The defendant, or defendants, owed a duty to the plaintiff
  • The duty was breached
  • The breach of duty caused the plaintiff’s injury
  • The plaintiff incurred damages due to the injuries

Proving negligence may be confusing and difficult for those recovering from injuries. Many truck accident victims rely on a well-practiced attorney with experience handling truck wreck accidents. This may allow injured people to focus on following a doctor’s orders or recovering physically and emotionally.

Important Factors to Fight for Compensation After a Wreck

A diligent Brookline truck accident lawyer could help people prioritize their needs after a crash with a tractor-trailer. While a person heals, an attorney could work with insurance companies, investigate an accident, and fight for compensation.

Representation with Insurance Companies

Insurance companies representing a truck driver or trucking company may attempt to speak and negotiate a victim into a settlement. While settlements can provide valuable compensation, injured people may wish to first consult a lawyer who could evaluate a claim and provide experienced advice.

Preserving Evidence

The success of truck accident cases often depends on the amount and quality of the evidence collected. As time passes, potential evidence could be lost. An attorney could work to quickly document and preserve evidence to use during negotiations or in court.

Statute of Limitations

A diligent lawyer could ensure a plaintiff’s claim is properly filed. Cases alleging truck wreck injuries must be filed within a three-year time limit, as per Massachusetts General Laws Ch 260 §2A. Once the statute of limitations expires, the plaintiff will be barred from recovery.

A Brookline Truck Accident Attorney Could Help

Truck accident victims are often left with large medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering. The consequences of such an accident may last for years or even a lifetime. Fortunately, you do not need to be alone while you heal. An experienced Brookline truck accident lawyer could help you recover damages from those who are responsible. Reach out today for a comprehensive case evaluation and to begin working on a legal claim.