Dorchester Personal Injury Lawyer

From medical costs to lost wages to pain and suffering, a personal injury can be emotionally, physically, and financially damaging. Fortunately, a Dorchester personal injury lawyer could help you recover damages associated with the physical and mental injuries you have suffered due to someone else’s negligence. Get in touch with a dedicated attorney to learn more about your legal options and find out what steps you can take to get back on your feet and pursue compensation for the full costs of your injuries.

Types of Injuries Associated with Personal Injury Cases

Whether an individual is hurt in a trip and fall accident, an animal attack, car collision, bike wreck, or any other accident caused by someone else’s negligence, the results can be painful and linger for months or even years. Victims of a personal injury accident may require lengthy hospital stays, rehabilitation, and expensive medical equipment, including wheelchairs to prosthetic devices.

Beyond just physical injuries and financial costs, the emotional and psychological consequences of a personal injury can be significant. Particularly when an injury is catastrophic and leads to lifelong disabilities, the intangible costs of pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life, loss of consortium with family members, and other such damages can be factored into a comprehensive personal injury claim.

Collecting Damages in a Dorchester Personal Injury Case

Many states give those injured in an accident only two years to file a personal injury claim. In Massachusetts, however, state law gives victims three years from the date of the accident to file a personal injury claim.

Depending on the circumstances, this period may begin on the date the injury was discovered, rather than when it actually occurred. Either way, though, if a plaintiff fails to file within the deadline applicable to their case, they may be unable to recover any compensation whatsoever. Retaining a Dorchester personal injury attorney could be critical to ensuring that a case is filed as efficiently as possible.

The Role of Comparative Negligence

In Dorchester, the “comparative negligence” rule may apply to personal injury claims. Under a comparative negligence system, a civil court may reduce a plaintiff’s recoverable damage award based on the amount of fault they bear for causing or exacerbating their own injuries.

If a plaintiff is 51 percent or more to blame for the accident, they would be barred from recovering any damages at all, since they are considered more at fault than the defendant. However, if the plaintiff is 50 percent or less at fault, they can receive damages, but at a reduced amount based on their share of the blame.

For instance, if the plaintiff was 25 percent at fault for their accident, their maximum damage award would be reduced by 25 percent. A personal injury lawyer in Dorchester could help determine whether comparative negligence may play a role in a particular plaintiff’s case.

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Negligent behavior can result in severe consequences for people who, in many cases, did nothing wrong themselves. If you or a loved one suffers injury under such circumstances, the recovery process can be difficult when medical bills keep piling up, and you cannot return to work.

That is why it may be beneficial to contact a Dorchester personal injury lawyer who could fight tirelessly to help you recover full and fair compensation. Call today to schedule a consultation and start exploring your legal options.