Dorchester Boat Accident Lawyer

Boston Harbor is one of the most popular boating destinations in New England. Each year, thousands of vessels, both commercial and recreational, make their way through the Harbor. When two or more of these vessels collide, the consequences can be enormous. A personal injury attorney may be able to help injured boat passengers recover monetary damages resulting from a boat accident.

If a boating accident has impacted your life, you may be able to obtain monetary compensation with the help of an experienced injury attorney. To get started on your case, schedule a consultation with a Dorchester boat accident lawyer today.

Possible Defendants in a Boat Accident

There is a wide range of potentially responsible parties in a boating accident. In some cases, multiple factors could contribute to a crash. It is up to a Dorchester boat accident lawyer to identify all of the potential defendants in a lawsuit.

Boat Operator

A careless or reckless boat operator can cause severe injury if they collide with another vessel while operating their boat in an unsafe manner. Whether it is navigating too close to other ships or traveling too fast in a no-wake zone, a boat operator might face liability if their dangerous driving causes injuries.


In some cases, a boat accident can result from negligent behavior by a passenger in the same boat as the victim. A passenger may face a lawsuit if they injure another passenger or cause them to go overboard.


Owners of boats involved in an accident may find themselves a party to an injury lawsuit even when they were not physically present. Owners of commercial vessels are held to a higher standard if they are considered a “common carrier.” A plaintiff may sue an owner of a common carrier for injuries that occurred while on the boat even when there was no negligence

Owners of recreational boats may also wind up as defendants in an injury lawsuit. Much like with cars, a boat owner may be sued if they entrust their boat to a person they know to be intoxicated or unable to operate the vessel safely.


Sometimes no amount of operator skill can prevent a boat accident. In these cases, a malfunctioning or defective vessel could lead to an accident. A defective part could lead to collisions with other boats, as well as causing a ship to capsize or sink.

Government Entities

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority operates many of the ships in Boston Harbor. While it is possible to sue the MBTA over a boating accident, state law has added additional hurdles not present when suing a private entity. For example, the time limit for filing an injury lawsuit against the MBTA is much shorter than the statute of limitations for most cases. A seasoned Dorchester boat accident attorney might be able to help the additional hassle involved in suing a government entity.

Damages Available in a Dorchester Boat Accident

There are several different types of compensation a person injured in a boat accident may seek to recover. These damages can reimburse an injury victim for costs related to the injury as well as speculative future expenses caused by the crash. Common types of damages include:

  • Medical bills
  • Pain and suffering
  • Lost wages
  • Lowered earning potential
  • Property damage repair
  • Loss of consortium

A victim injured in a boating accident has the right to seek compensation for their damages, regardless of whether they are operating a boat or riding in one. Those who have fallen victim to such an accident should enlist the services of a boat accident lawyer in Dorchester right away to get started on their case.

Reach Out to a Dorchester Boat Accident Attorney

An experienced Dorchester boat accident lawyer should have the skill set necessary to piece together a picture of how an accident took place on the water. By hiring the right legal counsel, you can work with an experienced professional to identify the parties responsible for your injuries and to file suit against them. In addition, an attorney may be able to help you interview any witnesses who could provide valuable testimony, potentially strengthening your claim. Schedule a consultation today to learn more.