Dorchester Bus Accident Lawyer

Every car crash has the potential for injury, but wrecks involving massive commercial buses are especially dangerous given their size and unwieldy nature. Not only could your physical well-being be impacted, but your financial status could also be negatively affected as well.

Whether you were a passenger on the bus or in a vehicle struck by a large commercial vehicle, you have the right to contact a professional injury attorney who could assist you with obtaining compensation for your damages. A Dorchester bus accident lawyer could sit with you to review the details of your accident and inform you of your eligibility to receive compensation.

The Duty of Care Owed by a Dorchester Bus Company

In Dorchester, bus drivers are held to a higher standard in comparison to other drivers. They owe a duty of care to not only the passengers of the bus, but to nearby drivers as well. If a bus driver breaches this duty, a Dorchester bus accident lawyer may be able to hold them accountable through litigation.

Bus operators are to also notify its passengers of common safety practices when boarding a bus. For example, a common carrier should make it aware to bus passengers that they should avoid standing in an aisle without holding onto a rail. Failure to do so could give way for an injury suit should a passenger suffer an injury as a result of the bus operator’s negligence.

Liable Parties in a Bus Accident

Given the tremendous force behind a moving bus, these accidents have the potential to involve multiple parties. Cases involving multiple parties could make it challenging to bring a bus accident lawsuit successfully. However, the guidance from an experienced Dorchester bus accident attorney might be able to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Some of the parties that a plaintiff might sue in a Dorchester bus accident include:

  • Bus drivers
  • Bus owners or operators
  • Manufacturers
  • Mechanics
  • Municipalities in charge or road conditions

Steps to Take After a Dorchester Bus Accident

After a bus accident, it is important for an injured person to protect their legal rights as best they can. However, the priority is to always seek medical care when necessary. If possible, the next step is to investigate the scene of the accident. This can include taking photos of the wreck or speaking with witnesses about what they saw. Ultimately, the most important step after a bus accident is to contact an attorney experienced in handling bus accident cases. The right Dorchester injury attorney can go a long way towards obtaining the maximum compensation available.

Call a Dorchester Bus Accident Attorney as soon as Possible

If you or a loved one has been injured in a bus crash, either as a pedestrian, nearby driver, or passenger, you may be able to obtain compensation for damages sustained. A Dorchester bus accident lawyer may be able to help you collect evidence, interview witnesses, and provide you with legal guidance during any trial or settlement negotiations. In addition, an attorney could act as your personal representative while you focus on healing from your injuries. To get started on your case, be sure to get in touch with an attorney today.