Dorchester Burn Injury Lawyer

Whether they come from minor kitchen mishaps or high-speed car accidents, burns are painful and delicate injuries that can be hard to treat and even harder to fully recover from. Since particular severe burns can lead to lifelong scarring and disfigurement, victims should feel entitled to hold the negligent party liable for the careless actions.

No matter how severe your burn is, you may be able to file a civil lawsuit against the party responsible if you required any amount of professional medical treatment for your injury. To get started with a case, reach out to a skilled injury attorney today. A Dorchester burn injury lawyer could sit with you to review the details of your case and inform you of the most suitable strategy for your case.

Types of Burn Injuries

Burns are classified by degrees based on the amount of damage caused to the burned area and the long-term consequences of that damage. First-degree burns are minor injuries that only affect the epidermis—the outer layer of skin—and typically heal completely within a few days, but second-degree burns often require dedicated medical treatment, as they penetrate through the epidermis to the dermis and often cause redness, blistering, and significant pain.

Third-degree burns, the most severe commonly recognized degree, result not only in damage to both skin layers but also harm the underlying muscles and ligaments, often leading to the destruction of nerve endings and significant long-term complications. Finally, fourth, fifth, and sixth-degree burns result in catastrophic damage to muscles, ligaments, and bones, and they are unfortunately fatal in many cases.

Justifying Civil Litigation for a Burn

Burns can occur in a variety of contexts and stem from a variety of sources. Open flames and extremely hot surfaces are undoubtedly the most common such sources, but exposure to certain chemicals, electric currents, and faulty consumer products can also cause this type of damage. Regardless of its origins, a burn can only serve as grounds for a civil lawsuit if the victim can prove that someone else was directly responsible for causing it through some form of legal negligence.

More specifically, the party filing suit must show that the defendant in their case failed to uphold a duty of care and directly caused them to suffer an injury as a result—in this case, a burn that required medical treatment. There must be a compensable injury in order for a civil case to proceed, meaning the plaintiff must have suffered injuries and/or losses that can be attributed directly to their injury and which may be remedied in at least some way through financial means.

However, this does not mean that a civil case can only seek compensation for medical bills. Depending on the circumstances, a skilled Dorchester burn injury lawyer may be able to help a plaintiff recover for lost wages from missed work, pain and suffering, emotional anguish, long-term costs for therapy and other prolonged treatment, and more.

Limitations on Filing a Burn Injury Claim in Dorchester

It is important to note that there are certain obstacles which may hamper an injured party’s pursuit of civil compensation. For example, Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 231, §85 states that any plaintiff found to be more than 50 percent at fault for their accident may be barred from receiving any compensation, and that any percentage of fault below 50 percent may result in a proportional reduction of their final damage award.

Furthermore, M.G.L. Ch. 260, §4 restricts potential civil plaintiffs in Massachusetts to a period of three years following their discovery of their injury—or the date by which they reasonably should have discovered it—to file suit. A burn accident lawyer in Dorchester could provide critical assistance with adhering to and overcoming these potential stumbling blocks.

Call a Dorchester Burn Injury Attorney Today

You would not want to leave the treatment of a severe burn in the hands of someone who was not a medical professional. Likewise, you should not undertake the pursuit of fair compensation for your losses without professional legal assistance. A Dorchester burn injury lawyer is available to help you defend your best interests. To get started on recovering the compensation owed to you, schedule a consultation today.