Dorchester Paralysis Injury Lawyer

Of all the injuries that can result from an accident, paralysis may be the single most devastating. While sometimes only temporary, paralysis is often a permanent and life-altering condition stemming from catastrophic damage to the head, neck, and/or spinal cord, often accompanied by significant financial losses as well as physical and emotional trauma.

A Dorchester paralysis injury lawyer could help if you suffered permanent damage due to another person or entity’s negligence. By proving the other party civilly liable and holding them responsible for your damages, you and your catastrophic injury attorney may be able to recover suitable compensation for all your injuries and losses.

The Basics of Paralyzing Injuries

While it can occur in multiple forms, the core component of paralysis is a loss of muscle control and function in at least one part of the body. Car crashes, mistakes by a doctor or surgeon, and sports-related impacts are among the most common sources of paralyzing injuries, but virtually any severe impact against or inside the head or spine can lead to this condition.

Depending on the specific location of the injury in question, paralysis can affect different parts of the body. Quadriplegia entails the loss of function in all four limbs, while paraplegia involves paralysis below the waist. Injuries in different locations may result in monoplegia—paralysis in only one limb—or hemiplegia—paralysis on one side of the body.

Regardless of the particular nature of the injury, there may be grounds for an injured party to file suit if the injury was directly caused by the negligence of another party. Specifically, if it can be proven that another person or entity had a duty of care to act reasonably towards the plaintiff, failed to fulfill that duty, and subsequently caused an accident that led to compensable losses, a paralysis victim may have a valid case.

Options for Recovery in Dorchester

In addition to loss of movement, paralyzed accident victims typically also have to contend with expensive medical costs, both for short-term emergency treatment after their accident and for long-term therapy and in-home care. Many paralyzed individuals require modifications to their homes and vehicles in order to make them usable for them, and some will never again be able to take care of themselves alone.

Given how severe these effects of such an injury can be, it is important to take every applicable loss and injury into account when working with a Dorchester paralysis injury lawyer to pursue civil compensation. A liable defendant should be obligated to pay not only for medical bills, but also for wages lost from the plaintiff’s inability to work, any lost capacity to make a living due to their paralysis, and costs associated with property modifications and in-home care.

Furthermore, while the personal and emotional impacts of permanent paralysis cannot possibly be calculated in financial terms, recovery for non-economic losses is usually still available and often forms a significant part of civil cases based on these types of injuries. Skilled legal counsel could pursue damages for pain and suffering, loss of opportunities, loss of consortium with family and friends, and more on behalf of a paralyzed accident victim.

Talk to a Dorchester Paralysis Injury Attorney About Legal Options

It is no small feat to reorder your life after becoming paralyzed, and if you have to do so because of someone else’s recklessness or carelessness, you should not have to undertake this burden alone. In order to maximize both your financial recovery and your future prospects, it may be crucial to speak with a Dorchester paralysis injury lawyer and explore every one of your options. Call today to set up an initial consultation.