Crosswalks in Dorchester

Crosswalks and accidents occurring in them impact pedestrian cases in Dorchester. If the pedestrian who was hit was in the crosswalk, which is where they were supposed to be, and it could be proven that they were in the crosswalk and should have been crossing, it impacts liability. That means if a pedestrian is hit within the crosswalk, they established themselves in the road. More likely than not, it will be a relatively straightforward case to prove the liability, meaning to prove that the automobile was at fault for this accident. One of the most significant pieces of evidence will be the fact that the pedestrian was hit during the time that they may have been in the crosswalk.

For more information about crosswalks in Dorchester and how it impacts a case, reach out to a seasoned pedestrian accident lawyer.

Common Ways a Pedestrian Accident Can Happen in a Crosswalk

In Dorchester, pedestrian accidents could occur in or around crosswalks in many ways. Regardless of whether they are in the crosswalk or around the crosswalk, any time a pedestrian enters the street, there is a risk of being hit by an automobile.

Not Paying Attention

One of the ways a pedestrian accident could happen is if one of the parties is not paying attention. Sometimes, people walk across a crosswalk and are not paying attention to the road or traffic. A pedestrian may be looking at their phones or listening to music instead of looking out for vehicles on the road. Also, the driver of a vehicle may fail to notice a pedestrian crossing a crosswalk, which could also lead to an accident.

Making a Left-Hand Turn

Another common occurrence of an accident will be when a vehicle is making a left-hand turn, and they do not see the pedestrian until it is too late. If the crosswalk signal was on for walking, then the pedestrian has the right to be in the crosswalk. However, if the sign was not on, then the pedestrian could be considered at fault for the accident. An accomplished lawyer could help an injured victim with establishing negligence following a pedestrian accident.

Running a Red Light

In Dorchester, pedestrian accidents involving crosswalks could happen when the driver is running a red light or stop sign. There are many things that could happen that affect whether or not someone is going to get hit by a car. When they are crossing the street or approaching an intersection, even if the rules of the road are indicating that it is okay for them to go, they should still be cautious of their surroundings to try to eliminate the potential for a motor vehicle accident to occur.

Crosswalks Act as a Safety Net for Pedestrians

Pedestrians have to be paying attention to their own safety in a crosswalk. Otherwise, their own negligence could become involved in a case. Pedestrians in a crosswalk should always be making sure that if there is a signal that says do not walk, they do not walk. Other than that, if a pedestrian is in the crosswalk, it is the duty of the automobile to yield to them. As a pedestrian, once they have established that they have the right of way by entering the crosswalk at the appropriate time, the automobile should not hit them, because they have the right of way. The automobile needs to yield or stop for the pedestrian.

The pedestrian should be paying attention to the road, as well. Pedestrians need to be very conscious and aware of their surroundings and try to minimize the risk of getting hit by a vehicle. Call an attorney to learn more about crosswalks in Dorchester and how to establish negligence in a pedestrian accident.