Traffic Laws for Dorchester Pedestrians

Pedestrians should adhere to the traffic laws to ensure their safety. If a pedestrian does not follow the law and is hit by a vehicle, they could be held liable for the accident. However, if the pedestrian was following the law and was hit by a vehicle, the pedestrian could recover compensation for their injuries. If you have any questions regarding traffic laws for Dorchester pedestrians and how they apply to injury claims, reach out to an experienced attorney. A seasoned pedestrian accident lawyer could help you understand these laws and how to recover compensation if you were injured in an accident.

Walking in Crosswalks

Pedestrian traffic laws in Dorchester include avoiding being on the street. Pedestrians in Dorchester do not want to be walking on the road, running on the road, or riding their bicycle on the road. Many people tend to run on the road rather than sidewalks if there are sidewalks and bicyclists are forced to be on the road because they are not allowed on certain sidewalks.

If people are walking on the road or most often crossing the road, they are supposed to cross the street in a crosswalk. If the crosswalk has the hand up signal meaning do not walk, the pedestrian is not supposed to walk. If it has a walking signal, they can walk across. A pedestrian is supposed to follow the rules of the road. If someone is not walking in a crosswalk and crossing the street, it does not give the driver of the vehicle the right to just drive into them. If someone is crossing the street and sees them, the driver should be able to avoid them. Unfortunately, that is not always the case. Therefore, it is crucial for pedestrians and drivers to pay attention to their surroundings at all times.

What if There is No Crosswalk?

Being on the road as a pedestrian is a naturally dangerous situation. Someone could have a freak accident and they are putting themselves in a path of danger. As far as rules go, they are not supposed to cross the street unless they are in a crosswalk. If they are in the crosswalk, they have to follow the signals. If there is not a crosswalk, they are still allowed to cross the road, but they should cross with caution.

Bicyclists Must Follow Pedestrian and Traffic Laws

Bicyclists are considered pedestrians while they are on the road and they fall under most pedestrian laws. However, in terms of the rules of the road for driving, bicyclists have to follow the rules of the vehicle, not the rules of the pedestrians. This is a situation that has changed recently as bikes have become more part of the road versus someone on foot. Dorchester has bicycle lanes that are only meant for bicycles that go parallel with the street. Unfortunately, many severe accidents happen due to bicyclists not following the rules of the road.

If a bicyclist is considered a pedestrian and riding in a bike lane and the car next to them is driving parallel and there is a red light, all of the cars have to stop. Like the cars, the bicyclist has to stop also. However, often, they do not. In terms of the rules of the road, bicyclists have to follow the same rules as the vehicle, including the proper traffic signals, stopping, slowing, and yielding. The pedestrian does not have too many rules other than they should not be on the road unless there is a significant reason, which most often is when they got off at a bus stop and got to cross the street.

Call a Lawyer About Traffic Laws for Dorchester Pedestrians

Traffic laws for Dorchester pedestrians are in place to protect pedestrians and drivers from accidents. If you want to know more about traffic laws for pedestrians and how they could impact a claim, contact a knowledgeable lawyer today.