Mistakes to Avoid After a Truck Accident in Dorchester

When a person suffers damages in a truck accident, it is in their best interest to file an injury claim in order to recover the damages owed to them. Unfortunately, many victims make crucial mistakes in the early stages of a claim which could affect them through the claims process.

To avoid making errors in a truck accident claim, reach out to an experienced Dorchester attorney today. A lawyer could examine the details of your accident and advise you on your next steps. To learn more, or to get started on a case, schedule a free initial consultation today.

Admission of Fault in Trucking Accidents

Attorneys strongly recommend against admitting fault after an accident. If the insurance companies discover that the victim admitted fault in the moments following a crash, they may lean towards denying a person’s claim. The most common way of accidentally admitting fault is through an apology. In some cases, the victim of a truck accident would apologize for the crash as a way of being polite. If the victim were to issue an injury claim, the defendant could use the victim’s apology as an admission of guilt, making it difficult to file a successful claim. 

Instead of admitting fault, victims should be quick in documenting the aftermath of an accident. They could do this by taking pictures of the damage done to their vehicle and the area of the accident. In addition, victims should obtain medical treatment following the accident to create a legal record of their injuries. 

Dangers of Providing Recorded Statements

Providing a recorded statement to the other person’s insurance company could have a significant negative impact on a person’s injury claim. By doing this, victims would be giving the at-fault party an opportunity to turn the victim’s words into evidence against them. To avoid saying anything that could hurt a claim, victims should reach out to an attorney before interacting with the other party’s insurance.

A lawyer could coach someone on what things should and should not be said when speaking with the other party’s insurance. In addition, an attorney could sit on someone’s side while they speak with insurance and provide them with on-sight guidance throughout the conversation. 

Speaking with Dorchester Insurance Companies

Insurance companies are known to call everyone who is listed on the police report in order to determine who was at fault. In addition, they would hire a failed investigator to look at the scene of the accident and try to piece together the events that transpired. They would then cross-reference that with the police report.

Hiring Professional Assistance Today

Upon sustaining injuries in a truck accident, injured victims should speak with an attorney in order to avoid making common mistakes. A lawyer could speak with victims regarding how to conduct themselves during an insurer’s investigation of an accident and sit with them while providing a statement to the insurance company. For more information, or if you wish to get started on a case today, reach out to an experienced injury attorney as soon as possible.