Dorchester Worker’s Compensation Lawyer

Suffering a work-related accident could prove to be very problematic. Not only could you miss out on time at work, resulting in a loss of wages, but you could also end up paying an expensive amount in medical bills.

If you suffered an injury at work, contact a Dorchester worker’s compensation lawyer right away. A trusted injury attorney could work with you to build a convincing injury claim and help you collect any evidence which could benefit your case.

Worker’s Comp Benefits in Dorchester

Workers’ compensation may be available to those who require paid benefits relating to a work injury. Most employers pay into the worker’s compensation system, and successful injury claims receive payment from these collective funds.

The benefits available may be able to cover everything from medical bills to long-term disability assistance. Compensation may vary depending on the severity of the disability.

According to the State of Massachusetts, workers that are totally and permanently incapacitated, meaning they may never be able to return to work, could receive compensation of up to two-thirds of the worker’s weekly wage. When a worker’s disability is total but not permanent, there is a cap on benefits at 60 percent of the worker’s weekly wage. Since these injuries are not permanent, benefits are available for a maximum of 156 weeks.

Partial disability means that a worker is able to return to work, but their ability to operate is less than 100 percent. For partial incapacity, a worker may recover 60 percent of the difference between the employer’s wage before the injury and their injury after it happened.

Filing a Worker’s Compensation Claim

The worker’s compensation claim process begins as soon as the injury occurs. An injured worker must formally notify their employer of the injury for the process to begin. Upon notifying the employer in writing, the worker may have the opportunity to focus on their recovery and discuss their case with a Dorchester worker’s compensation attorney.

The insurance company would then decide to accept or deny your claim. If accepted, the first payment could arrive as soon as 14 days. If the insurance company denies your worker’s compensation claim, you would still have the right to a hearing before the Massachusetts Department of Industrial Accidents. At that hearing, you have the right to representation from an experienced worker’s compensation lawyer in Dorchester.

Deadline to File

The time limit to file a compensation claim with the insurance company is four years from the date the worker became aware of their disability and its connection to their employment. The difference from the statute of limitations in injury cases is significant. In an injury case, the statute begins running from the date the injury occurred. A seasoned lawyer could help an injured individual with filing a claim promptly.

Work with an Experienced Dorchester Worker’s Compensation Attorney

If you are unable to work due to significant injuries suffered on the job, you may be entitled to compensation from a worker’s compensation claim. Contact a Dorchester worker’s compensation lawyer as soon as possible for help with filing your injury claim. An attorney may be able to analyze the facts of your case and provide you with guidance on how to obtain compensation. However, to increase the likelihood of filing a successful claim, you should get in touch with an attorney as soon as possible. Failure to file a claim or even notify your employer of an injury could prove detrimental to your case. To get started, schedule a consultation today.