Property Owner’s Duty in Dorchester Slip and Fall Cases

Premises liability refers to the duty of care that a landowner owes to a visitor. Landowners are required to keep their premises safe and free of hazardous and dangerous conditions. One of the more common mishaps seen in premises liability cases is a slip and fall. However, defining a property owner’s duty in Dorchester slip and fall cases could prove to be complicated. Contact a knowledgeable slip and fall attorney today if you have sustained such an injury and wish to receive compensation for damages.

Defining a Property Owner’s Duty of Care

A property owner owes all visitors a duty to maintain the property free of hazardous and dangerous conditions. Dangerous conditions may include loose debris such as brick and wood, poorly maintained flooring, and exposed electrical wiring. If a person were to slip and fall because of these conditions, a lawsuit might be warranted. However, if the victim knew about the conditions beforehand, it could prove challenging to be awarded compensation for injuries sustained from the fall.

Standard of Reasonable Care in Dorchester

Reasonable care refers to the guests of the property. An individual should not try to look for something to slip on; they are to act reasonably and safely, just as a person normally would. If it is proven that the victim went out of their way to sustain a slip and fall injury, it could prove detrimental to a victim’s case. For more information on the role of a property owner’s duty in Dorchester slip and fall cases, contact an attorney today.

Failure of Property Owner to Know About Hazardous Conditions

In slip and fall cases involving premises liability, it does not matter whether the property owner knew or should have known about the hazardous conditions which led to a victim’s slip and fall injury. In most cases, it is found that the landowner should have known about the poor conditions of their property and could have done something to prevent a victim’s injuries. Liability, in this case, could be easy to prove with the help of an attorney.

Landowners are obligated to know about any hazards plaguing their premises. Failure to assess these dangerous conditions could leave property owners open to civil suits involving slip and fall injuries.

Contact a Dorchester Attorney to Learn More

Property owners are obligated to owe their visitors a duty of care. Failure to do so could result in innocent people sustained severe injuries. Landowners should be aware of any hazardous conditions that could prove detrimental to one’s overall health in the event of a mishap. If a victim slips and falls as a result of a dangerous environment within a landowner’s property, the landowner could be liable for damages sustained by the victim.

Victim’s of a slip and fall accident should feel free to get in touch with an attorney promptly after sustaining an injury. A lawyer with experience in personal injury cases could help you to prepare a claim referencing a property owner’s duty in Dorchester slip and fall cases, and how they failed to live up to that duty. Schedule a consultation to get started on your case today.