Framingham Front-End Car Accident Lawyer

When it comes to vehicle accidents, front-end crashes only make up a small percentage of these collisions. While infrequent, these accidents are often one of the most devastating types of vehicle crashes.

It can be challenging in some cases to identify the cause of a front-end crash. In fact, many of these accidents involve a measure of responsibility from both drivers. An experienced personal injury attorney could help you make the case that you had no role in the crash.

If another person caused your injuries in a front-end crash, you could pursue monetary compensation from them. While holding the at-fault party can be difficult, a Framingham front-end car accident lawyer could have the experience necessary to help you meet your goal.

Defining Front-End Car Accidents

Front-end crashes are aptly named, as they involve a collision that damages the front-end of a person’s vehicle. These accidents are also known as head-on collisions. They typically involve the front-end of two vehicles colliding as they approach each other from opposite directions.

One of the most common circumstances where a front-end collision occurs involves two vehicles approaching each other on a two-lane road. When one or both vehicles leave their lane of traffic, a head-on collision is likely. Given the tremendous impact, these accidents often involve life-altering or fatal injuries.

Front-end crashes are not always related to head-on collisions on a roadway. These accidents are also common in parking lots, and anywhere that lacks a clear-right-of way.

The right-of-way indicates which vehicle has the right to proceed first when two drivers intend to enter the same space. In a two-lane road, vehicles maintain the right-of-way in their own lane. By crossing over the centerline, a driver could cause a front-end crash. When this occurs, the driver that violated the right-of-way could face liability in a civil lawsuit.

Sharing Fault in a Head-On Collision

In some cases, both drivers could play a part in causing a front-end crash. When this occurs, civil liability can become muddled. Every state manages this situation differently. Historically, most states prevented a driver from recovering compensation in a front-end crash if they were in any way responsible. However, most states have loosened this rule over time.

In Framingham, plaintiffs are held to a legal standard known as “modified comparative negligence.” Under the modified comparative negligence standard, a plaintiff may not recover compensation if a jury finds they are 51 percent or more responsible for the crash.

The modified comparative negligence standard also impacts drivers that are less than 51 percent responsible for a crash. In these cases, the jury must reduce a plaintiff’s monetary award by their degree of fault. This can lead to sharply diverging outcomes. For example, a plaintiff that is 49 percent responsible for a front-end crash could recover 51 percent of their damages. On the other hand, a driver that is 51 percent at fault will recover nothing. It falls to a Framingham front-end car accident lawyer to establish that the defendant was entirely at fault for a crash.

Speak with a Framingham Front-End Car Accident Attorney

If you are ready to take action towards recovering compensation for your injuries in a front-end crash, there is no time like the present. By moving forward with your claim, you could obtain compensation for your accident-related losses.

If you are recovering from significant injuries from a front-end crash, the right attorney could make a difference in your pursuit of damages. Contact a Framingham front-end car accident lawyer to discuss the possibility of maximizing your financial recovery.