Framingham Parking Lot Accident Lawyer

When it comes to the worst types of vehicle collisions, few people likely consider parking lot accidents. While these crashes often occur at low speeds, the potential for a devastating injury is there. Unfortunately, identifying the person responsible for a crash in a parking lot can be even more difficult than on a roadway.

Unlike streets and highways, the right-of-way in a parking lot is not always clear. In many parking lots, the lack of signs or lanes could make collisions more likely. However, the same rules regarding negligence apply in parking lots as they do on roadways.

If you suffered an injury in a parking lot car accident, you have the right to bring a claim for damages just like you would if the collision occurred on the street. A detail-oriented injury attorney could evaluate your claim and explain the challenges that come with proving a parking lot crash. By taking advantage of a free case evaluation with a Framingham parking lot accident lawyer, you could prepare yourself for the litigation process.

Negligence in a Framingham Parking Lot Crash

Generally, parking lots function in the same way as the streets do. In every situation where two vehicles are attempting to enter the same area, one driver has the right-of-way. When another vehicle strikes the driver with the right-of-way, they could face civil liability for any damage they cause.

Typically, the right-of-way in a parking lot falls to the driver that was established in a space initially. Drivers that are established in a lane typically have the right-of-way when another vehicle exits a parking spot or enters from an intersecting lane. While aisle collisions are common, most parking lot accidents occur when one or more drivers are backing out of a parking space.

Backing out of a space is often treacherous, as visibility while reversing a vehicle can be challenging. Additionally, visibility in a full parking lot can be limited given the rows of cars. In some cases, a driver can take care to watch for oncoming traffic in the lane, only to strike another vehicle reversing out of different spots at the exact same moment.

No matter how the accident occurs, a Framingham parking lot accident lawyer could be helpful. These accidents can lead to bodily injuries or property damage, and the right attorney could help a person involved in the accident seek compensation for both losses.

Complications in a Parking Lot Accident Lawsuit

Tackling a personal injury case has unique challenges when the injuries result from a parking lot accident. For a Framingham attorney handling a parking lot accident lawsuit, these challenges begin with the investigation. While car accidents that occur on a public street typically come with a police report, officers will not always respond to the scene of a parking lot accident. This could make it difficult to track down witnesses or learn of any admissions made by the other driver.

Parking lot accidents are also frequently more challenging to establish liability. In some parking lots, the lines are faded or never existed in the first place. When accidents occur, determining the right-of-way can be more difficult than with an accident on the street.

Call a Framingham Parking Lot Accident Attorney Immediately

Parking lot accidents present many challenges for anyone seeking compensation following a crash. A Framingham parking lot accident lawyer could take on these challenges and pursue compensation for your injuries.

With a thorough approach to your claim, an attorney could work to identify the responsible party and develop the evidence to show you were not at fault. To learn more, call right away to schedule a free case evaluation.