Framingham Side-Impact Auto Collision Lawyer

If you are a victim of a side-impact crash, you likely understand how devastating these accidents can be. When your vehicle experiences a direct impact into the side panel, the force on your body is often much greater compared to when your vehicle is struck in the front or rear.

Side-impact accidents are especially dangerous, given the limited ability of a vehicle to absorb damage on its side. Modern vehicles are designed to absorb an enormous impact when struck in the front or rear, but the same cannot be said for a side-impact. The side panels and doors of a car are thin, with little more than a few inches of plastic or metal standing between your body and another vehicle.

If a side-impact crash has resulted in your injuries, you could have a strong claim for monetary compensation. While holding the at-fault driver responsible is often a difficult process, a seasoned personal injury attorney could guide you every step of the way. If you believe you are entitled to compensation following a crash, it might be in your best interest to speak with a Framingham side-impact auto collision lawyer.

The Nature of Side-Impact Collisions

When a side-impact crash claim goes to trial, it is up to the jury to assign blame. After considering the evidence, the jury must determine who was at fault. For a Framingham side-impact car accident attorney, proving the defendant was at fault requires evidence that they were negligent.

Negligence is not involved in every crash. For negligence to occur, a driver must have violated a duty they owed to the other driver. Typically, this involves operating their vehicles in an unsafe manner. In side-impact collisions, this often involves running a red light or stop sign. However, any careless, reckless, or intentional act behind the wheel could count as negligence.

A plaintiff must show more than that the defendant was negligent, however. To recover monetary compensation for their injuries, they must also prove those injuries resulted in monetary damages.

Damages in a Side-Impact Accident Case in Framingham

After a side-impact crash, the financial situation for many injury victims can become complicated. Serious injuries typically result in hefty medical bills, while the cost to repair a car is also significant. To make things worse, it can be tough to pay these bills for a person that is too injured to return to work.

The monetary compensation available through a side-impact accident lawsuit could meet these basic needs and more. However, a Framingham side-impact auto collision lawyer must prove the value of these losses at trial to obtain compensation for their client’s losses.

The method for establishing damages depends on the type of compensation sought. For example, a plaintiff could rely on a vehicle repair estimate to establish the value of their damaged car. For medical bills, copies of paid receipts could suffice. Ultimately, identifying these damages and establishing them at trial is a major part of an attorney’s job.

Work with a Framingham Side-Impact Car Accident Attorney

Without question, any car accident could lead to injuries. However, side-impact crashes are more likely than most to have catastrophic consequences. To obtain compensation for any car accident injuries, a plaintiff will likely have to take on the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

From the second they are notified of a crash, the at-fault insurance company will begin working against you. To ensure your legal rights are secure, call right away to get started with a Framingham side-impact auto collision lawyer.